How to Mute Someone on Instagram [They Won’t Know]

If you don’t want what you see on Instagram but don’t want to be rude by unfollowing them or blocking them, we have the right thing for you. With the internet so smart and sensitive, learning how to mute someone on Instagram will definitely help you. The beauty of this cool feature is that the other person wouldn’t even know it – it’s a little secret.

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You can mute someone on Instagram through their posts and stories. And this article will provide you with the step-by-step guide to achieve this, as well as additional information related to this very topic. So, read it all!

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Why should you mute someone on Instagram?

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If you’ve been on Instagram for years now, chances are you’ve seen how the platform has undergone changes. Additionally, you may have also noticed changes in the content shared on the platform. As Instagram grows, you may come across accounts and posts that aren’t just to your liking. This is one reason why you may decide to limit your account by turning it off altogether.

On the other hand, if you are a large account, you may want to follow some accounts to appear friendly online. But this could, again, cause your feed to be flooded with posts you generally don’t want to see. If you deactivate someone on Instagram without unfollowing, you will save yourself from the backlash and keep your follower count intact.

These are just some of the reasons why learning how to mute someone on Instagram can come in handy.

What happens when you mute someone on Instagram?

Muting an Instagram account is the surest way not to be rude on the platform. Now, when you mute someone, the person’s posts and stories will no longer appear in the feed. Also, the other person wouldn’t even know you turn it off, unlike when you stop or block it.

However, you and the other person can continue to search each other’s accounts via the Explore tab on Instagram. From there, you have the option to check their feeds / posts and stories.

Additionally, Instagram allows users to block posts and stories separately or entirely. So, it’s really up to you.

How to mute someone’s Instagram stories or posts?

Now, to the fun part! There are two ways to mute someone on Instagram without their knowledge. Below are the step by step guides you need to know.

A. Mute through your feed

When you come across a post you don’t want and observe that the account is posting all the nasty stuff, you can turn it off immediately. Here’s how to do the job:

  1. Touch the three dots icon in the far right corner of the post window.
  2. From the pop-up menu, tap Hide.
  3. To open the restriction menu, tap the Hide [username] option.
  4. Finally, select whether to do this silent messages or silent posts and history of said account.
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Before you forget, make sure you download the latest version of Instagram to make sure you’re using the Mute feature.

Download Instagram for iOS

Download Instagram for Android

B. Mute through the person’s profile

Alternatively, you can mute an Instagram user by going to their profiles. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Instagram profile you want to deactivate.
  2. Click the Following button to open more options.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select Mute.
  4. Finally, select whether to disable posts or stories or both.
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It is worth mentioning once again that Instagram does not advertise or inform the account holder that their posts and stories have been deactivated by someone else.

C. Muting through Instagram Stories

Perhaps the easiest way to mute someone on Instagram, mute someone in the Stories section of your feed takes just three clicks.

  1. Select the person you want to mute in the row of stories that appears in your feed. Touch it for a few seconds.
  2. Select Mute from the options that will appear.
  3. Finally, choose whether to mute their Story alone or both the story and posts.

D. Disable someone’s comments on your posts

Can you mute someone in the Instagram comment section? Not really. You can only limit the account which may prevent future interactions as well. To restrict someone from your comments section, follow this simple guide:

  1. Open the account of the person you want to limit your interactions with.
  2. Click the Following button to open more options.
  3. To select To limit then tap Limit your account.

Limiting an account will limit unwanted interactions; you can check if other accounts would be able to see their comments on your posts and their chats will be moved to your inbox.

How to mute someone on IG messages

Here is another area where an account can be deactivated on Instagram. If an account holder is spamming you or is just plain inappropriate, you can mute his messages as they scroll through your inbox. Note, however, that this will not completely disable the account. You won’t see their posts, but their posts and stories will continue to show.

  1. Open your Instagram app and tap the Direct message icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Alternatively, you can swipe left to open the IG Inbox interface.
  3. Select a thread from your DM list.
  4. Click the user’s name at the top center of the screen.
  5. Now, select whether to do this Mute messages, Mute call notificationsor both.

When these mute options are enabled, any notifications from that account will not be announced. However, you can check their messages later as they will continue scrolling through your inbox unless you block the contact permanently.

Mute vs Limit: What’s the Difference?

There really isn’t much difference between the Mute and Restrict functions on Instagram. From the start, both are designed to offer extra security coverage to any user to avoid unwanted interactions.

However, these two work differently. Mute is seen more as a watered down version of unfollowing or blocking an account. It is designed to allow a user to stop seeing and interacting with unwanted and inappropriate posts on Instagram.

On the other hand, Restrict is a feature that seems to be geared more towards putting a barrier to the actual interaction between two users. You don’t necessarily have to mute someone to limit any form of interaction on the platform.

However, in the grand scheme of things, both Mute and Restrict will help you maintain a good-natured relationship with other users on Instagram without resorting to extreme measures like unfollowing or blocking someone.

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