How To Play As Tighnari In Genshin Impact

After a long wait, the Travelers get their hands on Dendro element and its reactions with the version 3.0 update for Genshin Impact. This came along with the Sumeru region, which too it hosts the Dendro Arconte.

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Tighnari is Dendro’s first five-star character, aside from the Traveler. He is a forester who refuses to be part of the Akademiya for his love for the forest. His unique kit allows him to have a particular playing style without too many options to choose from.

Tighnari is an agile character

The best part of Tighnari’s abilities is that it allows him to constantly move. He doesn’t get stuck in any animation where he’s vulnerable. Since he’s a bow character who can be easily knocked out, it is recommended to keep moving as much as possible while using this character.


His elemental ability and explosion both have quite a long range. You don’t have to worry about throwing it from afar and losing the enemy, since it also targets automatically. The agility of this character means that he is much more fun and interactive, making him one of the most dynamic characters to play.

Elementary skill is his bread and butter

Although Tighnari has a number of three abilities, all of which are quite useful, you’ll mostly find yourself using her elemental ability. Unfortunately, while her Burst sounds very good, does not have high damage multipliers, even at higher talent levels. However, it only costs 40 energy.

If you want to use his Burst more often, you’ll need a battery with him to allow for faster Burst availability. Most of his damage dealt comes from his charged hitsand her elemental ability reduces cooldown time, which is the best part of her kit.

Elemental mastery is important on Tighnari

When you read Tighnari’s kit, she essentially screams it Elemental Mastery (EM) is one of the most important stats for him. One of his passives gives you an extra 50 Elemental Mastery every time you hit an enemy with the second Charged Shot.

Additionally, for each point of Elemental Mastery you have, you gain a 0.06 percent DMG buff on her Charged Shot and Elemental Burst. This stacks up to 60 percent, so you don’t need more than 600 Elemental Mastery on him.

Fortunately, this stat is actually very good for Dendro’s reactions, as they increase the damage a lot. With another passive, an EM of around 550 gives you the maximum damage boost. Your EM requirement can be further reduced with one of its constellations.

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Choose your party wisely

Even though he is an agile character, his DEF is very low and most of the enemies in the game can perform a heavy attack that can knock you back. This can be detrimental to Tighnari, as it completely negates your charged shot and also leaves you vulnerable to further damage.

To solve this problem, having a shielder as part of your team will go a long way. If you have access to Zhongli, you can further reduce the enemy’s Dendro resistance when you are in its barrier, while dealing a small damage with the Geo pillars.

The other two slots on your team also need a lot of consideration, as Tighnari is one of the few characters in the game that requires a high amount of time on the field. Even if you haven’t used his elemental ability, his charged shots can deal a lot of damage.

We recommend using characters that can deal a lot of damage out of bounds, such as Xiangling or Raiden Shogun. These will also allow you to do a lot of reaction-based damage, benefiting from Tighnari’s elemental mastery.

Characters like Xingqiu or Yelan, who require normal attacks to trigger their out-of-bounds damage, aren’t good with Tighnari, because he doesn’t usually use normal attacks.

It doesn’t fare well against hordes of enemies

Arc characters are inherently difficult to control when surrounded by hordes of smaller enemies, instead of a couple of big ones. While miHoYo does a good job balancing this, it seems Tighnari hasn’t received that treatment, because hordes of enemies will be your nightmare.

Its Elemental Burst and the second Charged Shot’s extra arrows target enemies at random, but this reduces your damage to the main enemy, something you won’t want at times. This means that he is generally not a good character to use against groups of enemies, unless you build it specifically for its Elemental Burst use.

Fortunately, the more difficult content in the game, S.pyral abyssit usually contains fewer larger enemies, which makes it perfect for that.

You have to aim well with Tighnari

If you are playing Genshin Impact on mobile, it can be extremely difficult to aim correctly with your fingers on such a small screen. Unfortunately, Tighnari relies on aim far more than any other character with a bow, also Ganyu. This is due to his elemental ability.

This ability means that you need very little time to charge three of your shots for the next 12 seconds. If you charge one of these hits and miss, the stack is still consumedand you’ll have less charging time for just two more shots.

Thankfully, if you can control the crowd while holding a shot like this, the stack is not consumed. You will still be able to shoot three of these arrows – unless you run out of time.

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It requires a lot of resources

Being the main DPS, Tighnari is one of the few characters in the game that require a absolute resource absorption. First, you will need to upgrade all three of his talents to the maximum level to get the most damage. This is because, even after using his Elemental Skill, your charged hit damage depends on your normal attack talent.

In addition to the normal stats like Crit Rate, Crit DMG, Energy Recharge, and ATK percent, you also need to look for a lot of Elemental Mastery in its artifact set. This will take even longer, given the RNG nature of finding relevant artifacts. Finally, you’ll want both his weapon and level to be at 90.

It is not based on constellations

It’s no secret that getting Constellations for five-star characters is extremely difficult for free-to-play or low-cost players in Genshin Impact. Being on the standard banner, it can be a little easier for Tighnaribut it is not entirely dependent on Constellations.

His first Constellation gives him extra Crit Rate for his Charged Shot. While this makes it easier to build, Ganyu achieves this effect as one of his passives, which looks a bit shoddy. In addition, its sixth Constellation reduces the reload time for shots by 0.9 seconds, but it is still quite long even after.

Your cooldown is insignificant after using an elemental ability, which is what makes this constellation negligible except for the small DMG boost you get. Its fourth constellation is probably the best, since it gives you a lot of Elemental Masteryand also supports reaction-based play style.

Now, if there was a constellation that decreased the cooldown of its elemental ability or increased the amount of fast charged hits you can get, it would be more than worth a try. It would actually cause him to deal more damage in a shorter amount of time. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Tighnari.

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