How to Read Crypto Charts?

Reading a crypto chart is quintessential for both beginners and experienced traders of the crypto world. Crypto charts are used to help cryptocurrency traders make better investment and trading decisions when it comes to cryptocurrencies. They are similar to other technical charts that help traders choose equity. But for the uninitiated, crypto charts are graphical representations of the price, volume, and time frames relative to the crypto market. But do you know how to read a cryptographic chart like a pro? Let’s start with the basics, then.

Dow’s theory: the foundation of technical analysis

Before starting to read a cryptographic chart, it is inevitable that every trader is familiar with Dow’s theory. Charles Dow pioneered technical analysis. He co-founded Dow Jones & Company. He was also the founder and editor of the Wall Street Journal. Dow’s ideas were developed in a series of Wall Street Journal editorials. After his death, other publishers, such as William Hamilton, perfected these ideas and picked up what is now known as Dow’s theory from his editorials. Dow’s theory can be called a framework for technical analysis. It enumerates 6 fundamental principles. The Dow Principles can be seen as the preamble for traders looking to identify and follow a crypto trend.

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