How to Start an LLC in Nevada: Step-by-Step Guide

What are some tips for naming my business?

Check if the domain name is available. Making sure your name is distinct from other Nevada businesses is just the first step. Even if you don’t need a website right now, you should check if your company name is available as a domain name. You can always buy the domain name now and keep it for when you are ready to launch your website.

Check usernames and social media handles. Another essential move is to check if your potential business name is available as a handle or username on social media platforms. If you can use your company name on Twitter or Instagram, you can advertise via posts and easily reach a larger customer base.

Make it memorable. The easier it is to remember your company name, the more likely it is that future customers or potential business partners will contact you when they need a service or product you offer. To make it catchy, you might include a pun or an alliteration.

What are the Nevada LLC tax return requirements?

Not only is it important to understand how to start an LLC in Nevada, but you also need to know how taxes work for your LLC. As you may already know, Nevada has no state income tax. However, this benefit only applies to Nevada residents (those with foreign LLCs will Not get this advantage).

The forms required for filing will depend on the type of Nevada LLC you have:

  • Single-member LLC. This LLC is considered an indistinct entity and is taxed as a sole proprietorship, using Form 1040 (a personal income tax return)
  • Multi-member LLC. This LLC will be taxed as a partnership, submit Federal Information Return Form 1065, and will need to issue a K-1 program to each of the members to report their share of profit

Also, if your LLC makes more than $ 4 million annually, you’ll need to file a business tax return.

How much does it cost to start an LLC in Nevada?

Unfortunately, there is no “cheap LLC” in Nevada. Silver State has the second most expensive LLC cost in the United States with a total initial fee of $ 425. This includes:

  • $ 75 filing fee for organization items
  • $ 200 state business license fee (payable annually)
  • $ 150 for the list of managers or executive members (payable annually)

If you are thinking about starting an LLC in Nevada, you may want to consider where you will be conducting your business. Depending on where you run your business, your respective county may have additional costs or requirements for conducting business within its borders.

For example, let’s say you really want to start a casino like LLC. The cost of Las Vegas is calculated as a semi-annual license fee based on your LLC’s gross sales, which usually ranges from $ 55 to $ 700 (if your business makes $ 1,250,001 or more, your share is the income multiplied by 0.00056).

What should I do to keep my LLC active?

It’s not enough to understand how to start an LLC in Nevada, you also need to know how to keep your LLC running in Nevada. Each year, you must submit an annual list of managers or members and you must renew your business license. The annual maintenance cost for your Nevada LLC will be at least $ 350.

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