How To Unlock The Machine Assassin Class In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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How many classes I am in it Xenoblade Chronicles 3? You can search for the precise answer, which is us to think is 25 – correct us – or you can say “a lot”, which we think you understand well.

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In our continued coverage of the unlockable classes of this massive JRPG (and their respective recruitable heroes), we now turn our writer’s gaze to Segiri, the killer of the machine. What, beyond its obvious proprietary implication, is the Killing Machine capable of in combat? Who is Segiri and what makes her such a valuable member of the team? Everything will be revealed.


What is the Machine Assassin class?

The Machine Assassin is an Attacker-based class, and it’s the kind of class that focuses on debilitating enemies before devastating them outright. This is good not only for the Machine Assassin wielder, but also for the rest of the party, as any character who attacks a debuffed enemy gets the same advantage over him.

Does this make Machine Assassin a more support-oriented attacker? Well yes and no. You see, it’s mostly a kind of damage-creating class, and what we mean by that can be neatly summed up with one of its main class abilities: Chaos Chain increases the amount of damage the machine killer deals per debuff, stacking up to a total of 150 percent per hit. From the start, it’s a bit monumental.

Gets better. Courtesy of the Tyrant Cross Combat Art, Machine Assassin can strike while also inflicting a randomly chosen debuff on the enemy.

Think of it this way: if you manage to accumulate random debuffs every time you choose this Art and can combine it with Chaos Chain and Master Skill Cursed Edge (which further increases the damage dealt to debuffed enemies), you are very quickly starting to see the type of killing machine worth setting up for super bosses.

How to unlock the Machine Assassin class

Perhaps it is fitting, despite all his style, that Machine Assassin is among the last classes you can unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Segiri is not available for recruitment until Chapter six, at which point much of the game’s story is behind you. On the other hand, a good chunk of its secondary content is likely to still be mastered, meaning there’s still plenty of room for fun.

There is a multiphase process involved in unlocking the Killing Machine. Instead of going into explicit detail about each step, we’ll save you the effort of reading too much with a step-by-step primer below:

  1. On occasion Chapter four, you will encounter the Mysterious Raider, a type of Levnis with some plot-centric associations. It’s all pretty dark for the moment, when you first meet them in Tall Maktha Wildwoodthrough the automatic Imminent illusion marginal research.
  2. From now on, the completion of numerous side missions in Colony Four, including “Tactical Eradication”, leads to the arrival of a new mission: Connection lost. Address this later.
  3. To complete Writer’s block in Chapter Five, available in City.
  4. Secondary story: Mio it must have been previously managed Chapter six Before The illusion returns it is unlocked, even in Chapter Six. Complete this last mission and …
  5. InhumanitySegiri’s recruiting mission is finally unlocked!

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