How to update voter registration before midterm election

Want to vote in the 2022 mid-term elections but unsure of your voter registration status? There are several ways to check.

They can also call the township or city clerk they live in and ask about their state, according to Tammy Bowers, a Benzie County employee.

There are a number of reasons why a person may need to change their registration to vote in the state, according to Bowers.

People who have moved to Michigan from another state or moved to a new township or city will need to update their registration.

People who have moved to a new address within the same city or municipality where they are already registered will only need to change their address.

People who have recently changed their name or want to change their political affiliation also need to update their registration.

“Any reason a person would change their name on their driver’s license, such a marriage or a legal name change, is then they should update the voter registration,” Bowers said. “The name that appears on their driver’s license must be the same as the name on the list of qualified voters.”

People who are registered to vote at a previous address can still vote in the seat assigned for that address.

How to register

There are several ways to register to vote or update voting registration information, according to Bowers.

New voters or voters wishing to update their registration can visit to register or update their information online. Bowers said the deadline for the online update is October 24.

People can also register or update their registration by mail until October 24 by visiting The registration form must be sent by 24 October. The form can be found online at

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