How to use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or at Rocky Wreckage

It’s been 13 weeks since the launch of Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3. Each week, players receive a new set of Seasonal Weekly Missions, and this week seems to be no different. One of these new missions requires players to use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or Rocky Wreckage Landmarks.

Players can easily receive a 15000 XP reward by landing at one of these landmarks and launching a Junk Rift anywhere within their borders. Junk Rifts can be found as loot on the ground or inside chests located at landmarks. Fortunately, players will only have to do this once.

#Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3, Week 13 Season Challenges / Missions: The following missions will be enabled in 2 hours. I will therefore publish a guide to the challenge. Quest: 7 (none available) XP: 105,000 total

Junk Rifts has been unlocked with Fortnite update v21.30. Junk Rifts, when thrown on a surface, smashes random heavy objects that will later fall while flying down. When these objects fall, anything in their path is destroyed. Interestingly, materials and ammo are also generated from the Rift.

Fortnite players receive another Junk Rift mission


While this challenge is easy enough, acquiring a Junk Rift can be a challenge at times. Players can follow these simple steps to quickly complete this mission:

  • Upon entering a match, players should enter a hotdrop zone to increase their chances of acquiring a Junk Rift.
  • After landing, players need to look for a Junk Rift. It can easily be found as ground loot.
  • Once players have acquired a Junk Rift, they must immediately proceed to one of the specified Landmarks. Visiting the nearest one is an ideal choice in the event of an oncoming storm.
  • After reaching the Landmark, all players have to do is take the Junk Rift everywhere.
  • While throwing the Junk Rift, players should be careful and keep a safe distance as it can inflict damage on the user.
  • Players need to throw the Junk Rift only once.

If Fortnite players can’t find a Junk Rift, they can simply purchase one from NPC Guaco located inside Greasy Grove’s rundown restaurant. Once players have their hands on a Junk Rift, they can proceed to Rocky Wreckage if they wish. The Landmark is located slightly southeast of Greasy Grove.

If Fortnite players are at the right time, they can also complete two different missions in a single match. However, players will need to be proactive and stack their missions based on the storm and the geographic locations of different POIs and landmarks.

If Fortnite players decide to complete this Wreck Ravine challenge, they can pair it with another challenge that requires players to emote the Mecha foreman’s big head for at least five seconds. Alternatively, they can also aim for the mission which involves challenging an NPC to a duel and beating him. As such, Sabina is the closest NPC to the Landmark they can duel with.

In one of the previous weekly missions, players had to eliminate an opponent by throwing a Junk Rift. By comparison, this week’s challenge should be a breeze. With the end of the season, players will only receive two more Season Missions.


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