How to use Shared with You in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura

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Shared with You is a social feature added by Apple that highlights content that others share with you. Here’s how to use the feature in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura.

The feature appears when someone shares content with you from Apple TV, Apple Music, News, Podcast, Safari, and Photos using iMessage. Each app automatically organizes content within its own Shared with you section. It is a useful feature to keep up with the media without forgetting.

Each app displays the section in a different area. The Shared with you section won’t appear unless a contact has shared content via Messages.

Where to find Shared with you

First, in the Settings control panel, touch Messages. Then the meny keeps the switch for automatic sharing. Additionally, this same screen allows you to enable and disable individual Apple apps.

On the Mac, open Messages and go to Preferencesby clicking on it in the menu bar or by pressing Command-comma on the keyboard. There is a tab called Shared with you with similar checkboxes.

  • Apple TV: Click the Look now tab in the lower left screen.
  • Apple Music: Tap the Listen Now tab.
  • Safari: open a new browser tab and swipe the First page. At the bottom, tapping the Change allows you to enable or disable Shared with you.
  • Photos: Click the For you tab and scroll down to find Shared with you.
  • News: Click the Today tab and scroll down.
  • Podcast: Click the Listen now tab and scroll down.

The whole process happens automatically. When a person shares the content of these apps in an iMessage, it appears in the respective app. Ignore the content with a long press on iOS and iPadOS and a mouse click in macOS.

Shared with you in Safari

Shared with you in Safari

From each of these apps, the contact’s photo and name will appear under the content in the Shared with you section. Tapping or clicking on their name opens a reply with Messages.

How to add content in Messages

  • Open the conversation in Messages that contains shared content.
  • Touch and hold the Rich URL.
  • Click the Pin button.
  • Repeat the steps to unlock the content.

How to share content

  • Apple TV: Choose a TV show or movie, tap the square shaped share button with an arrow pointing up. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send the message.
  • Apple Music: Choose the song or album, tap the More button that looks like three dots inside a circle, then tap Share Song or Share Album. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send.
  • Safari– Go to a website and tap the square Share button. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send.
  • Photos: Find a photo and tap the square Share button. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send.
  • News: Select an article and tap the More button. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send.
  • Podcast– Find a podcast and tap the square Share button. Choose Messages, tap the contact and send.
Write down a message

Write down a message

Sharing content from these Apple apps to Messages will make it appear in the recipient’s Shared with you section.


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