How to watch Antena 3 live on your mobile or tablet (iOS / Android) without DTT

It may be that we are watching a show or series about Antena 3 and that we have to leave you to take the bus, to give you an example. If we do not want to miss what is shown on our favorite channel, we will have to use our mobile phones or tablets to continue enjoying the contents of this channel.

There are several ways in which we will be able to enjoy Antena 3 online and see totally live what they are showing at that precise moment.

The best thing is that we will not have to worry about anything else, as all the possibilities we have at our disposal will be used for all types of devices, regardless of whether our smartphone is Android or if we have iOS as our operating system. mobile.

All the ways we are going to tell you will allow us to enjoy our favorite channel live and from wherever we are, because we will use our mobile phone so that we do not miss anything.

Atres Player

AtresPlayer is the service it offers officially the Atresmedia group to enjoy a good number of possibilities when it comes to seeing all the contents of the televisions that make it up.

It can be accessed via the web or via the application available for both Android and iOS terminals.

Be that as it may, with both possibilities you can see the live broadcast of Antena 3 on your mobile, as an icon appears at the top of the screen that says Inhabitwhich is needed so that we can see what is being launched at that precise moment.

The TV channels from which we can enjoy their live are Antenna 3Of course, The sixth series, Neox, Nova, Mega and Atres. We just have to choose which of them we want to see and we can automatically start enjoying its live broadcast.

AtresPlayer Premium

Although AtresPlayer can be used without having to spend money to watch live television, as well as other types of content, the truth is that there is a paid version that has greatly expanded the offer online platform.

AtresPlayer Premium is a subscription package through which you can enjoy a catalog of totally exclusive content in many areas, with its own series and programs, in addition to the preview of the retransmissions that it also shares with the free-to-air channels.

The cost of this Premium version is € 4.99 per month or 49.99 euros if you choose to pay for a full year.

In addition to enjoying preview content, i.e. content that can be seen earlier, on open channels, it also has original series and programs which can only be seen here. All this without advertising of any kind, in addition to three very interesting features such as:

  • disconnected: any user will be able to download the series and programs they want on their device to be able to watch it, even when they do not have an Internet connection.
  • Check the live: If we are late at the beginning of a content that is broadcast live, we can go to the beginning of it or to the broadcast point we want. We may also leave a series unfinished, to continue it on any device we have AtresPlayer Premium on.
  • 7 days: we will be able to access the entire range of contents of the last 7 days, from all the channels of the group.

Some of the exclusive AtresPlayer Premium series are La Veneno, Luimelia, Los proteges: el febrero, Señor Dame Patience, Two years and a day or By Ana Milan.

In addition, there are documentaries and programs such as Los Bobones: una familia real, You are here or Drag Race Spain.

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from the website

We can also see Antena 3 online and live if we log in to the Official web of the TV channel.

We can open our favorite browser on our mobile or tablet, go to the Antena 3 website and all we have to do is click on the top left to give live.

Once there you can choose if you want to see what they are giving at that time or watch that program from the beginning.

After the relevant announcements, it will start playing the way we selected earlier. The advertisement will appear during your experience with the Antena 3 website. You already know that the only way to get rid of it is to pay for AtresMedia Premium.

From third party apps

If the official ways to watch Antena 3 online do not convince us, we can always opt for third-party applications that will allow us to watch live Spanish television.

The application that we recommend to be able to watch Antena 3 on your mobile if you have an Android operating system is DTT channels.

It is an application completely free and with the advantage of not having any kind of advertising. Downloading it is very simple, as all we have to do is go to the website of the developer of this application and get the apk-file Of the same.

Once downloaded, we install it and we will be able to enjoy all the television channels that exist in Spain, being able to watch them totally live. As usual, Antena 3 is among them.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can enjoy Antena 3 also on your mobile phone, but without the need to install any type of application, since only by entering the site we will already have at our disposal more than 1,000 DTT channelsboth Spaniards and foreigners.

It’s as easy as entering the website we directed you from Safari, Chrome, Edge or Firefoxsearch for the channel we want, in this case Antena 3 and enjoy its direct.

this website We will also be able to use it from Android phonesmaking it another excellent option to watch Antena 3 online.

Now you know all the ways we need to be able to watch Antena 3 live and from our mobile, so take advantage of it for when you don’t want to miss anything on your favorite channel, in those moments when we don’t have a TV nearby.

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