How To Wear The ’70s-Style, Layered Cut

If you’re looking to freshen up your hairstyle for fall, you don’t have to scroll long on Tiktok or Instagram to see that 2022 is all about the butterfly haircut. Spotted on stars like Hailee Steinfeld, Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Lopez and social media sensation Addison Rae, this bouncy, face-framing layered voluminous look has so much movement when style that with every head movement, or step you take. , your braids resemble the flapping of a butterfly’s wings.

Others liken the name to the shorter layers in the cut, which give the style the shape of a butterfly, or simply the duality of this versatile cut; the butterfly is somewhere between short and long hair, depending on how you style it. That metamorphosis brings to mind the transition from caterpillar to butterfly. Enough with the metaphors though; everything you need to know about this hairstyle is below, from how it looks to how to style it and whether it’s for you or not.

Will the butterfly haircut be part of all your fall photos? Let’s find out.

Meet our experts: Alyssia Dotson, stylist and member of the creative team at Alterna Haircare, Jamie Wiley, stylist and global art director of Pureology

What is the butterfly haircut?

Although the term butterfly haircut may be new (and is also sometimes called a thousand-layered or octopus haircut), this cut is definitely a variation of something the beauty industry has seen before: the shag, which has quickly made a comeback since 2020.

“The butterfly haircut was born from the evolution of the famous shag haircut of the 1970s,” says Alyssia Dotson, stylist and member of the creative team at Alterna Haircare. “We’re talking about Farrah Fawcett’s infamous ‘wings’ haircut and how she moved effortlessly. If you are looking for the butterfly effect, you are looking for strong movement and body. ”

Some even compare Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” cut Friends fame, but the butterfly effect, as Dotson says, can be much less drastic, since it doesn’t have to involve cutting all the hair down to the chin or shorter.

The butterfly haircut is a much softer and more subtle look than, for example, beach waves or straight locks. “This is a very layered, feathered haircut, with the shortest layers at the crown usually falling an inch below the chin, moving all the way down to the tips of the hair,” says Jamie Wiley, stylist and global art director at Pureology. Your longer pieces should, in theory, fall below the shoulders, so you’ll easily be able to pull your hair into a ponytail or bun with this cut. You can also leave out some of your shorter pieces if you want to reproduce the face-framing strands in this style.

If your hairdresser doesn’t speak TikTok, don’t worry. You can translate the cut into Wiley’s description to use on the salon chair. “I’d like to tell my stylist that I want short, thin layers on the crown and around my face,” she says. Again, you don’t have to go shorter than shoulder length to rock this look.

Who does the butterfly cut look best on?

While it’s a versatile enough haircut that almost anyone can try, the butterfly can be more suitable for certain hair types. “This is a must-have cut for those with straight, wavy hair, as well as for anyone looking to give movement to heavy locks,” says Dotson. As this look depends on a lot of layers, those with thinner or finer hair textures may not get the full butterfly effect with this cut. Of course, volumizers can help in this department, if your locks are on the looser side and you have your heart set on this style.

As for face shapes, any layered look will always add an outline to rounder face shapes. The butterfly is no different; it can soften the features and counteract the fullness of the cheeks.

How to style a butterfly haircut

“This haircut shines best with a killer bang, so don’t be afraid of brushes,” says Dotson. Wiley agrees and suggests using the words “bouncy” or “movement” as guidelines if you’re blowing up your butterfly professionally. Keep these descriptors in mind as well when making your own style. “This will showcase the shorter layers and give your hair the look and feel of short hair even when you have longer locks,” says Wiley.

As with other haircuts, if you are willing to use products, you will likely get a little more head start on your style. “A good mousse adds bounce and shine while giving some style memory, like Alterna’s My Hair My Canvas Shine On Defining Foam,” says Dotson.

You might also consider treating your hair with a multi-purpose heat protector before starting your styling session. “Finally, to ensure that the style lasts, leaving the round brush in your hair and letting it cool will ensure that the style memory lasts,” she says. If you’re better off with curling irons or blow dryer brushes, you can work your layers with these tools too. Make sure you finish with a light hairspray for extra hold.

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