How To Win The Ruins Biome In Urbek City Builder

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Unlike the other maps in Urbek city builder, the final biome takes place in the distant future. In the Ruins, society collapsed after a nuclear disaster – your job is to settle down and rebuild on the site of an ancient city.

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Balancing your resources is more difficult in the Ruins than on any other map, as there is little to start with. If you can get through the early stages, though, you’ll have a city that surpasses the pre-catastrophe metropolis! This guide teaches you everything you need to know to bring life back to the wasteland.


At the start of the game, there are ruined buildings scattered around the map. Most of these have the Food scavenging trait, required to build Survivalist Houses and Food Scavengers. Neither is very efficient, but it has little or no maintenance and will be needed to grow your population. Although it is possible to build normal housing right away, by doing so quickly run out of available foodso it’s best to wait until you have some Scavengers up and running.


Docks and water mills are not available in the Ruins. While it is unfortunate that these excellent sources of food and power cannot be used, their absence presents an opportunity.

When starting a new game on Ruins, set the map to Interior with no river. You can’t take advantage of the water tiles anyway, then removing them gives you more land to build on.

Plus, you’ll get a higher score multiplier for playing with “harder” map settings, even if they actually make the game easier in this case!

You will also see some ruined warehouses and factories on the map. These have the Iron trait, which will allow you to build Iron Scavengers nearby once your population is high enough. This is the only way to get iron for a while, so be sure to leave space near the industrial ruins as well never demolish them.

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Food and agriculture in the ruins

When you are looking for a place to put your first housing blocks, try building close to the many Abandoned farms you will find on the map. Once an Abandoned Farm has ten spaces within two tiles with fifteen residents each (i.e., Village Houses or better), it will upgrade to Rebuilt farmproducing food and wood at no cost.

Two Hundred Food is just enough to support the housing needed to rebuild the farm, so it’s best to think of this as a discount rather than a source of growth. Since log cabins need at least fifteen occupied living spaces nearby to be transformed into village houses, realistically you need twenty houses near the farm instead of ten. If you find two abandoned farms adjacent to each other, build to reactivate both at the same time as illustrated above for maximum efficiency.

The Common Gardens Policy allows basic parks to produce food. That’s not much, especially compared to the cost of unskilled labor, but it’s a good way to make up for a shortage before you can build proper farms.

Organized Survivors is a unique policy for that Ruins makes Survivalist Houses produce food instead of work. This is a much better use of buildings, as the Work they generate is abysmal.

When you build your first school, you will be able to build Fragile Fields. These can only be built on arable land (look for farm tiles throughout the map) and cost skilled labor, but they are the only way to get enough food to grow your population. A high school unlocks regular camps, which can be planted anywhere but cost highly skilled labor.

Once you can farm extensively, use the extra food to upgrade your homes and get the required skill levels. The ultimate goal is to be able to build farm sheds or plant orchards, depending on your level of industrialization, ultimately making the endgame strategy on the Ruins identical to the temperate biome – the trick is to get there!

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How to reactivate the nuclear power plant

Each Ruins map has one Abandoned nuclear power plant surrounded by several radiation tiles. You won’t be able to do anything with this land until the end of the game, but it’s a good idea to build your main industrial center nearby. When the time comes, you will be able to get the plant back online and get plenty of energy for your city!

After building a university, you will unlock the Radiation scrubber. These small buildings have moderate energy and scientific maintenance, but slowly remove radiation from neighboring tiles. The process takes time, even decades, so if you intend to use the power plant start the process early and build as many Scrubbers as you can afford.

It is not necessary to remove all the radiation, just enough to build near the power plant. Once you have eight or more Logistics within two Abandoned Power Plant tiles, it will upgrade to a rebuilt power plant. Although it generates a huge amount of energy, keep in mind that it has a heavy upkeep; make sure you are ready before placing the last Warehouse to light it up!

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