ifortune Announces one of the Best and Easy Crypto Investment and Referral Earning Platforms in the World

London, UK – ifortune proudly announces the start of its amazing opportunity services involving online cryptocurrency investment and public referral earning platform. “Cryptocurrency trading has recently attracted a lot of international attention in the financial market. With this widespread attention, it has become necessary to choose one’s currency and investment plan wisely ”.

ifortune is a BEP20 token created on the binance Smart chain with a limited supply of 40 million tokens, in which 49 percent of the minting tokens will be given as a reward. This crypto token was designed by the British company “Destinwood Limited”. ifortune coin will be launched at a price of five dollars for one and an expected future price six months after launch will be $ 1000 for one ifortune coin. Users can only register using a referral ID.

After purchase, users can staking in Mind by clicking the mining button on the app based on the staking period of 250 days or 500 days. Users will receive 0.5% of their stake per day for 250 days and 0.6% per day for 500 days. The coin can be exchanged via Pancake Swap and other similar exchangers.

Destinwood Limited has designed an ecosystem of 16 projects, two of which are active; three are in development and the rest are for the future. Live projects are the fortune coin and the fortune machine app, while the other projects are; Fortune Land, Fortune Casino, Fortune Game, Fortune Mart, Fortune Scan, Fortune X, Fortune Investment, Fortune Tube, Fortune Wallet, Fortune Tours, Fortune Care, Fortune Matrix, Fortune Meetings and Fortune International card.

Ifortune coin also provides six types of income and rewards;

  • Self-staking 0.5 or 0.6 per day.
  • Direct referral bonus 5%.
  • 15 reference income level 45%.
  • Income Bonus Club.
  • income from appreciation of the price of the ifortune currency.
  • The tour rewards Thailand or UAE etc.

The initial coin offering began by the company on September 8, 2022 at a price of four dollars and thirty cents for ten days. The price will rise to four dollars and seventy cents for the next ten days and the coin will launch at five dollars on September 27.

For more information, kindly click on the link below:

Explanatory video – https://youtu.be/Zmfo43ZvWuE

Reference link – https://iffortecoin.io/app/Default.aspx?uid=raulsainz1

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