November 28, 2022

Australians are fortunate to have been part of the friendliest empires in the world, first the British and then Raymond Aron’s Imperial Republic, the American.

Apart from Joe Lyons’s insistence that Edward VIII, married to a divorced woman, was unacceptable as king-emperor, Australians usually play no role in determining imperial leadership. That does not prevent us from discussing the election of the President and with it Dux liberae mundileader of the free world.

In fact, most of our commentators condemned Trump in 2020, overwhelmingly favoring the compromised, incompetent Biden. This was despite the fact that, by enforcing good policy, Trump had proven himself to be the greatest leader of the free world since Ronald Reagan.

The 2024 election will be crucial as the US now battles an internal enemy far more dangerous than any foreign power.

The specter of communism that Marx and Engels saw haunting Europe long ago has mutated, and dangerously so.

Just as the delivery of Lenin by the German High Command to St. Petersburg in a so-called sealed train, as Churchill put it, introduced a plague of germs into the Russian Empire, so a new strain of Communism is infecting the West.

This is despite the fact that the original exposure resulted in the deaths of tens of millions and the impoverishment and enslavement of over a billion, as Mark Levin explains in American MarxismMarx “is wrong about almost everything”.

The mutated bacillus has abandoned the failed class struggle in favor of class struggle based on race, gender and an invented new categorization, gender. On the basis of what was once fashionable eugenics, there is a frantic urge to conflate increased abortion with infanticide, disproportionately affecting the poor and blacks. Add to this the discredited theory of man-made global warming, as scientific as the alchemy of turning lead into gold, net zero, which benefits Beijing while the West, through its foolish adoption of this brutal Communist-designed response to its Wuhan, is in earnest was weakened virus blocking.

While the English-speaking world, unlike the Latin world, had a natural immunity to old-style communism, too many have fallen head over heels into this ugly mutation. The famous “long march through institutions” has resulted in much of education and much of the media becoming mere agents of indoctrination, while big business increasingly adopts climate and other policies. This bears a striking resemblance to the corporate fascist states of Europe, the model adopted by Beijing after the Maoist disaster.

All of this requires a leader of the free world who can turn the tide as effectively as Donald Trump did in his first term.

Meanwhile, post-election autopsies continue. As noted here last week, partisan manipulation and states that still tolerate practices that encourage fraud, such as ballot collection, have had an impact. But these alone do not explain the Republicans’ failure to garner even more votes in the House of Representatives and win seats in the Senate.

Democrats, the mainstream press and Republican Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell all blame Trump.

The real villain is the Republican establishment, dominated by Rinos, Republicans in name only. This was stated by one of the great Republican leaders, Senator Ted Cruz, at a meeting of the Republican Conference of Senators in the beautiful old Senate chambers, where Representative Preston Brooks nearly beat pro-slavery Senator Charles Sumner to death with his cane in 1856.

Cruz pointed out that McConnell has gained dictatorial control of $300-400 million in election funds to advance those who support him, usually so-called moderates, while grassroots conservatives like Cruz are underfunded or unfunded.

Cruz pointed out that elections for the chairman have so far been carried out by acclamation without an agenda for the term discussed. This time Rick Scott stood.

Cruz said that for the past two years, McConnell, who polls rank as the country’s least popular Republican, has allowed Biden’s entire legislative program to pass with “moderate” Republican votes. Disheartened, too many in the Republican base are trying not to vote.

Cruz challenged McConnell to name just one thing he would be willing to fight for in the upcoming term. Instead of answering, McConnell pointed out that each senator remembered how many millions he gave for his or her campaign.

Cruz argued that Republicans had funding levers that could be used to block or change the worst Republican policies. Current ones, he said, could include barring the rollback of tax exemptions from churches, schools and charities that don’t support gay marriage, firing unvaccinated soldiers or funding 87,000 additional IRS tax workers to harass political enemies.

While McConnell predictably returned as leader, Cruz believes this challenge is a tipping point in making leadership, and especially the grassroots, more accountable.

This was followed by Attorney General Garland’s announcement that he would appoint a special counsel to investigate Donald Trump. Garland surprisingly admitted that the two reasons were Trump’s announcement of his candidacy in the 2024 presidential election and Biden’s similar insinuation.

In his latest book Corrupt Justice: How the Left Armed Our Legal System, Senator Cruz argues, the left has corrupted the US legal system. It is as if the US were a communist state, weaponized by the law, with biased judges and lawless prosecutors who intimidate, silence and even imprison Americans who stand in the way of their radical agenda.

Their “enemy list” even includes parents who dare speak out at school board meetings against teaching their children critical race theory.

The only way to reverse this is for strong leadership to emerge in the 2024 election, which of course requires two things: first, that it be reasonably fraud-free, as Governor DeSantis assured in Florida, and second, that that the grassroots have confidence in the Republican Party election.

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