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To the publisher:

Part of the American public seems to believe that the greatest threats our country faces include socialism and the deep state. If you expect this fraction of the population to accept that climate change is real, that COVID is a health threat, or that the 2020 elections were not rigged, you’d better have the evidence in your pocket and be ready to back it up with. real-world examples that can be expressed in one or two short sentences. And even then, you’d be out of luck.

Some people just don’t believe in the facts that exist in the real world. The real world is simply too much for them, so they have built their own planet where right and wrong are obvious and the solution to most problems is to accuse someone or some group of not being patriotic enough. And the state of the world is really hard to bear. But we must face it and stop trying to kill the imaginary dragons.

The rancid atmosphere created by these uninformed flag-wavers continues. The heroes of imitation parade around hoping that no one realizes that they have never actually solved real problems. They attract attention by spreading disinformation and distributing insults. These keyboard warriors have all the answers. For them everything is black or white, or everyone is bad or they are a wonderful hero. But they don’t know how to get things done and their only talent is to find flaws everywhere they look.

At the root of all this drama is the very real fact that they never grew up. They seem to get satisfaction from interrupting the work of serious people. It has always been much easier to demolish something than to build, whether it was a house or a democracy. It is our democratic society that allows them to find faults as well as allows me to write my own list of complaints. In much of the world none of this would be tolerated. Russia, China and North Korea immediately come to mind, but there are many other countries where people live under tyranny. Democracy is not, and has never been, perfect.

But it works well enough to allow for differences of opinion and guarantees an impressive list of rights, although these rights are often applied unevenly. Our job is to think very carefully about our responsibilities to each other and to those who will come after us. There is enough work to be done. Let’s do it together.

John Rucki


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