Jacksonville woman shows off waffle skills on National Waffle Day

Beware of Waffle House, a Jacksonville woman wore the “Waffle Lady” on the social media page of a major hotel chain because of the dozens of waffle variations she created.

Regina Triche, a breakfast hostess at Hampton Inn, was honored on Hampton by Hilton’s corporate social media pages last week for National Waffle Day. Triche makes over 80 variations of waffles, attracting hotel guests from all over. the world.

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Visit Jacksonville Public relations professional Susan Dosier said she discovered Triche when she first started outreaching the media in Jacksonville a few years ago.

“When we do that, we must always have a place to stay for our reporters,” Dosier said. “So, we hosted reporters at various hotels and the Hampton Inn general manager said, ‘Oh, if you bring someone to the Hampton Inn, some people really love our waffle lady. People come here thanks to Regina and the his waffles. ‘”

It all started five years ago when Triche entered a waffle contest for Hampton Inn employees. Since then, her creativity has influenced many. She is originally from Dudley and came to the Hampton Inn in Jacksonville in June 2016, according to general manager Christopher Davis.

“Sometimes he wears funny things,” Dosier said. “She loves tiaras and things on her head. She especially loves kitty ears, sometimes wears hearts for Valentine’s Day. It’s fun and quirky but appropriately. She’ll literally cook waffles to order for anyone in the hotel that morning if they come down. to have breakfast ».

Triche includes everything from cereals to fruit in its waffles.

For National Waffle Day on the Hampton by Hilton social media pages, Triche showed how to make her famous “chocolate chip waffle”. The waffle is made from whipped cream, chocolate chips and pecans.

“We’re going to do a multi-chip,” Triche explains in the demonstration. “So, we’re going to make white chocolate chips and we’re going to make milk chocolate chips. White chocolate chips give you that early morning bang you want.”

Davis said Triche’s crowd-favorite waffles are her cheesecakes: blueberry and strawberry. However, he said current favorites often depend on what’s going on.

“When the ‘Batman’ movie came out, he invented a ‘Joker’ waffle maker with kiwifruit to represent the green colors,” Davis said. “Everyone who came here was all about it. It’s been a favorite for a while.”

Dosier said the notoriety of Triche’s waffles took off organically.

Triche and her waffles have been recognized by Charlotte Blogger and TV personality Heidi Billotto, City Girl Cece’s “Top Ten Things To Do In And Around Jacksonville” list and VisitNC.com’s Top Ten NC Breakfast.

“From some of our social media posts, we’re pretty sure that’s how cascade happened,” Dosier said. “Chris always keeps the Hampton company up to date and on track, so when Waffle Day came around, they contacted him and said, ‘Hey, how do you feel when we show Regina on our feed?’ She then she was the focus of National Waffle Day on every Hampton Inn / Hilton corporate feed in the US. That’s how it happened. “

Triche even trained the rest of the staff to make waffles when she’s not around. Davis said her only problem with her is that she can’t work her every single day.

“That’s just what it does,” Dosier said. “It makes people feel good about food. It’s just a big part of what I feel is our tourism fabric here, in the way we make people feel welcome.”

Dosier added that it is simply great hospitality and people love that extra touch. Though Triche has garnered local and state level recognition over the years, Dosier said he’s finally getting the national attention he deserves.

The North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association even found out about Triche’s National Waffle Day recognition and shared a post about her.

“I think it just shows how a small town can have something nationally distinctive,” said Dosier. “It’s going to be able to recognize someone you don’t consider to be a central actor. But in reality, those people play a huge role in starting the day or making your stay a positive experience and Regina goes above and beyond and embraces. the Hilton company recognized how important it is to show your talent from behind the scenes to the highest level. “

Davis said he believes Triche is a good representation of what they do in the hospitality industry, adding that if he could take her to a global stage, he would.

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