January 29, 2023

Josh McCown played quarterback for 12 teams in the NFL for almost two decades and learned a different offense almost every season.

He looks forward to passing on his knowledge and experience as a coach.

“I love being part of teams and a group,” McCown said on the AP Pro Football Podcast. “You start with this group and you say, ‘Okay, let’s try to do something special, let’s create a process and get better in that process.’ So I’m really enjoying it, and I don’t really care if it’s in high school or college and I don’t care what the position is. I just enjoy being part of teams and hopefully one day in the future that will be the case.”

McCown has applied for Houston’s vacancy as head coach after each of the past two seasons. The Texans raised eyebrows as they seriously considered McCown, who spent the latter part of his final season in the NFL backing Deshaun Watson in 2020. Fresh off the field, McCown had no experience other than helping coach his sons in high school.

Houston hired David Culley over McCown in 2021, fired him, and then promoted Lovie Smith from defense coordinator.

“Maybe professional coaching is in the future,” McCown said. “We’ll see. Certainly the opportunity to meet and discuss with the Texans was interesting and special and I learned a lot. (I have) so much respect for the head coaching position that you at least visit these people and have to learn and see what’s at it…. I love the NFL. I’ve enjoyed my career, the different stints. I’ve had so much experience of what I should be doing and a lot of what I shouldn’t be doing And so maybe one day I want to bring that to a team and be able to help the team.

McCown, who was drafted a third-round pick by Arizona in 2002, has started for six teams, been a part of 12 clubs, including stints in training camp, and had a different offensive coordinator almost every season. He threw his final pass for Philadelphia in a wild card game against Seattle on January 5, 2020. McCown entered his first career playoff game when Carson Wentz suffered a concussion and ended it with a hamstring tear that subsequently required surgery .

“I experienced the back half of my career differently than the front half, with great gratitude for the privilege of playing in the National Football League,” McCown said. “That’s where my heart beats. I just love being part of teams. And one of those 32, they’re all special, they’re all unique. There are incredible people in these buildings. If one day the plan leaves me there, I will be grateful for it. For now, I’m going to do my best to coach high school football and then we’ll see how it goes.

McCown has been an assistant coach at Rusk High School in Texas for the past two seasons. His sons, Owen and Aiden, were senior starting quarterbacks for consecutive years. Owen just wrapped up his freshman season in Colorado. McCown hosts a weekly football podcast called Scheme, in which he delves deep into the X’s and O’s.

“I love watching tapes and sharing that with other people, giving them a better view of what’s happening so we can really respect every player and especially these quarterbacks these days, I really enjoy that,” McCown said.


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