Kentucky Football vs Miami-Ohio final score, recap and 5 things to know

It’s official football time for bluegrass!

The Kentucky Wildcats started the season the way we all hoped, beating the Miami (Ohio State) Redhawks 37-13.

The first half started as a nightmare for the Big Blues, with the Redhawks and Brett Garbert scoring easy points from the field.

The Cats came back with scores of their own, including a first game for Tayvion Robinson in a 45-yard scrimmage.

It’s been a big fight since then, as Britain pushed two field goals to Miami to take a 13-10 lead into the locker room.

Then the second half started with a bang as Barryn Brown took the ball 100 yards to the house for a kickoff return touchdown.

The Cats didn’t look back from there as they stomped the pedal to the metal and crushed the Redhawks on either side of the ball.

Now, if you missed the game, here are five quick things to learn from tonight’s win:

Chris Rodriguez turnover

Going into the week, expect the Cats to miss their star running back. I don’t think anyone thought they would struggle as much as they did when their numbers were called. Especially in the red zone.

A game tonight with a committee of Kavosiey Smoke, Ramon Jefferson and JuTahn McClain and La’Vell Wright, the group showed up in the second half as you could see Rich Scangarello trying to build a running game.

It looks like Rodriguez will miss Florida’s game next Saturday, and tonight’s live performance will only make next weekend’s outcome more indecisive, especially given how much this offense relies on game action.

keep Levi’s consistent

The British quarterback certainly left something to be desired after his first drive. But he did continue to do enough to lead this team to victory.

He finished the night for 303 yards on 21/32 passing while also adding three touchdowns and one interception.

No one on the roster heading into the season is heavier than Levi’s. As the NFL hype has intensified this summer, it’s clear he has arm talent…now it’s just piecing the rest together too.

Despite a few mistakes throughout the night, the Cats would likely have won a closer game without Levi’s.

The Kentucky quarterback finally has a different maker, and unfortunately still has some growing pains as he goes through his second offensive coordinator in his second season in Lexington.

WR and TE issue a statement

A big problem going into the season was a lack of experience in outside skill positions. Led by Tayvion Robinson tonight, some of those questions have been answered.

Along with Robinson, Dane Key and Barion Brown showing their potential, Big Blue Nation will be on the lookout for years to come.

Mark Stopps and Ricky Scangarello have repeatedly praised the tight end room this offseason, and they lived up to the hype early on. Brandon Betts had a good run in the flats in his first score of the season, and Jordan Dingle showed a little swing in the open field, and it was clear they were both going to be this time. A critical part of the offense.

With a few bugs and a drop across the board, expect most of them to be fixed when we head to Florida next week.

Defense is still the main content

Despite some concerns at the back end, this defense looks to be the mainstay of this team once again.

After a rough first series, Brad White’s team came out and played the rest of the game, scoring just one pair of field goals for the Redhawks after an opening touchdown.

The Cats’ top seven is one of the better units in the SEC. Right now, it just supports the rear end.

And hopefully, Kentucky’s Jordan Wright, the passer who was shut out tonight for undisclosed reasons, will be back soon. In this defense, he can change the game.

Battle of the offensive line

The Great Blue Wall has become a staple of this Kentucky plan. After losing to three starters in the NFL last season, there were some serious concerns about this young team coming into the squad tonight.

Long story short, they struggled.

With a different look and stunt than the Redhawks’ defense, Kentucky didn’t do well tonight in protecting Will Levis and getting any sustained push for the running back.

Considering five new starters (technically, Eli Cox was a returning starter, but switched from guard to center), and Kentucky’s third offensive line in three seasons Coach, this fight really shouldn’t be surprising.

Still, what happened tonight wouldn’t have happened again if this team had just had a winning record in SEC games. The league’s frontcourt is too strong for this performance to deliver many wins.

Zach Yenser will seek to make up for some mistakes on his way to The Swamp.

Time to celebrate 1-0!

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