January 27, 2023

Khal US team

Khal US Team, Khal also has 18 employees in India, 2 in Colombia and 1 in Egypt

A New Jersey-based chef social media startup has more than 300,000 users around the world signing up and creating chef profiles. See what’s cooking

Ever since I joined Khal.com. Thousands of people have seen my kitchen. I love sharing my recipes on Khal. Also, the love I get from the platform keeps inspiring me to try new things.”

– Paramjit Kaur – 657 recipes at Khal.com

JERSEY CITY, NJ, UNITED STATES, Dec. 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Khal.com is a pioneering online cooking social network for foodies, chefs, housewives, and chefs both experienced and new to discover, connect, and share what they cook together passion for food.

Khal is the world’s first chef social media, making it a hub for cooking enthusiasts to create their exclusive profile and showcase their culinary skills around the world.

A bevy of celebrity chefs and illustrious personalities are already part of this burgeoning platform. Soon, Khal users will be able to make money from Khal

The Khal platform helps the cooking-loving community to show their cooking skills. Users create a chef profile and write their culinary bio, including things like where they learned to cook, what they enjoy cooking, how their travels have contributed to their cooking style. Even professional chefs write about their experiences in restaurants where they have worked

Khal is poised to revolutionize the digital space by bringing the entire culinary world together,

One simply cannot overlook the outstanding features of Khal.com.

1. User-friendly platform
In order to make this website easily accessible to foodies around the world, the sign-up process is kept to a minimum and the site is also user-friendly and interactive

2. Multiple options for uploading recipes
There are several ways to upload recipes available on the platform. One can either upload photos or recipes in video format straight from their phone or computer, or simply import their recipe videos from YouTube. Khal insists on authenticity. A user can only add recipes that have been cooked by them and cannot include photos or videos of recipes that have not been made by them

3. Link other social media
Khal users can link their social media names like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to their bio. They can also show off their culinary milestones in the organic section. In addition, they can also share Khal’s recipes through their various social media channels.

4. Besides liking and commenting on recipes, Khal users can add a recipe to their “I want to make this” list OR click “I made it” on a recipe and add pictures of proof that they made this dish. Some users try to prepare and serve dishes better than the creator. If someone goes to the trouble of creating a creator’s recipe and adds proof images, both the recipe creator and the person who created it earn additional cooking points. Also, the joy of seeing someone try a creator’s recipe is beyond points and badges for that creator

5. Chef Badges and Chef Reputations
Once someone becomes a member of Khal, they receive the Foodie Badge. However, you can earn badges like Cuisiner, Master Cuisiner, Chef, Master Chef, etc. One of the most well-known badges is the Master Chef badge. Based on how many recipes the user adds and how many other people’s recipes they try.

The day is not far off when every cooking lover will have a cooking profile on Khal

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