January 30, 2023


Released on January 26, 2023

Kirsten Fagan is part of a collection of stories about amazing people who overcome life’s problems and challenges and turned them into something beautiful that will capture your heart and transform you.

ROSWELL, GA- Until now: Inspired stories from real people about how to embrace your fear, move forward and transform your life shot to the top of the bestseller lists in a number of categories in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and more.

Up Until Now is a compilation of true stories of ordinary people who have been hurt, terrified, disturbed and heartbroken. mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. This determination to act positively facilitated the massive transformation.

Featured author Kirsten Fagan shares her story along with others in this moving book, designed to give the reader a quick dose of inspiration.

Real people from around the world share their true stories of pain, heartache, sorrow and loss. They share their moments of overcoming and creating a new hope and reality after the storm has cleared. It’s all so far… because their stories don’t end here!

Through these stories of transformation, the reader will feel the real and authentic hearts of each of the authors as they write about losing a job, navigating a messy divorce, surviving the death of a loved one, financial devastation, and more. All faced with circumstances that seem overwhelming and insurmountable.

The resounding theme of overcoming is captured in these emotionally charged stories. This book serves as a collective voice for all who are struggling, stuck, scared, depressed and searching for something bigger while praying for a glimmer of hope.

Until now: Inspired stories from real people about how to embrace your fear, move forward and transform your life, available on Amazon.com

About Kirsten Fagan

Kirsten Fagan spent the first half of her life moving around and living in the Midwest and Hawaii. In 2004 she moved to Alabama and a few years later she met and married her sweetheart, Josh. Kirsten and her husband have two beautiful little girls. Kirsten is also a dog mom and a gardener. She has a deep love for music and she loves to do crafts (time permitting).

Kirsten worked in healthcare for 15 years, loving and caring for the elderly. During this time, she cultivated her uncanny gift for intuition and empathy. She knows what is required in a given scenario to smoothly move operations forward. Kirsten worked as a unit coordinator for two specialty care facilities where she quickly learned how to provide a wide range of support to wellness professionals, patients and their families.

In 2014, with an eight-month-old baby and the amazing support of her family, Kirsten graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Alabama.

In 2018, Kirsten made the decision to work from home and began building her business, B&G Virtual Solutions. She loves to learn new things, which has played a big part in her personal and professional growth. Kirsten thrives on her decision to support life coaches as they help others to live full and happy lives. More recently, Kirsten decided to indulge her love of travel, becoming a travel agent and growing her already booming business.

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