Knicks Rumors: Mitchell, Rosas, Barrett, Grimes

This Knicks Believe they could have exceeded the offer sent Donovan Mitchell Stefan Bundy of the New York Daily News wrote that the Cavaliers, but they never had a chance to make a counter-proposal.with talks jazz Shelved after news of the deal with the extension leaked on Monday night RJ Barrett. The Knicks want talks to resume, but Utah has reached a deal with Cleveland before that.

Some members of the Knicks didn’t feel like they got a “fair shock” in trade talks, and Bundy wondered if the experience had anything to do with the team’s high-profile Jazz-Maves playoff appearance in April.As we all know, New York has a lot to do with Mitchell and Jaylen Brunsonthe person who finally signed the contract sent an executive William Wesley and Alan Houston into the game, along with Julius RandallThey all sat on the sidelines, which reportedly upset officials in Utah and Dallas.

The Knicks could have provided the Jazz with more draft assets than they got from Cleveland, and they believe their early offer centered on Barrett and a first-round pick was better than an eventual trade.Bundy says Utah executive unlikely Danny Ainge There would be a deal-breaker for the bitterness of a playoff stunt or a feud with CAA, but Bundy points out that Ainge has only made one trade with the Knicks in his 18 years in Celtics front office.

More from New York:

  • Gerson RosasSources told The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, who handled most of the negotiations with Utah as the Knicks’ senior basketball advisor.Rosas on friendly terms with Jazz GM Justin Zanickso they did most of the conversation, not Angie and the Knicks president Leon Ross, according to Washburn’s sources. Although Rosas didn’t close the deal, reports suggest he’s taking on more than just an advisory role with the team.
  • According to Mark Berman of The New York Post, the Knicks’ decision to re-sign Barrett was a reaction to failed talks with the Jazz. A league source told Berman that under normal circumstances, teams would prefer to watch Barrett complete training camp before discussing a contract extension, possibly even until he enters restricted free agency next summer. The Knicks drafted Barrett before Rose and Wesley joined the Knicks. “They don’t want to pay RJ right now, they like RJ, but he’s not one of their people,” Berman sources said. “The first choice is to trade him in a Donovan deal. … If they get Donovan without Barrett, they’re not going to pay RJ right now.
  • New York’s priority in trade talks is to keep Quentin Grimes, David Aldridge of State Sports.He suggested the Knicks should use their stockpile of draft assets to try and acquire Miles Turner and Buddy Hield from Pacers.

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