January 27, 2023

BrewHaHa showcased over 50 local, regional and western breweries and over 100 different craft beers. Mudshark Brewery had some of their beers available for the competition and were delighted to take 2nd place in the People’s Choice category for their new brew called S’mores. Here is the flavor profile for this cask aged stout:

Aroma) Rich and complex, with varying amounts of roasted grains, maltiness, chocolate, hops, marshmallow/vanilla and alcohol.
The appearance) This beer is pitch black, opaque with a deep brown foam head.
Taste) Medium to high bitterness hidden by the high alcohol content resulting in a balanced beer. High roast malt suggests bittersweet or unsweetened chocolate, cocoa, and strong coffee.
mouthfeel) Full-bodied and oaky, with a velvety, rich texture and a smooth, gentle warmth of alcohol.
overall impression) Mudshark’s S’mores Barrel Aged Stout is an intensely flavored tall dark winter ale that offers a rare and refreshing glimpse of the great flavors of chocolate, marshmallow and cinnamon graham crackers that pairs well with the toasted, burnt sensibilities of this large Imperial Stouts connects .

Check out more from Mudshark’s Brews here: https://mudsharkbrewery.com/beer

This event is presented in partnership with the Flagstaff Ski Club, which receives a percentage of the proceeds. This one-of-a-kind event that celebrates local flavor, great views from the High Country Conference Center and most importantly, enjoying the best beers in the world!

About the Mudshark Brewery

Welcome to Mudshark Brewing Company, brewery and inn in Lake Havasu CIty, AZ. Mudshark Brewing Company which opened in September 1998. The Brew Pub is named after the locals’ popular beach of the same name. The beach got its unofficial name in the 70’s from the locals who hung out there and dubbed it Mudshark, after a Frank Zappa tune that was on the airwaves at the time.

Like most brewmasters, Ron Chieffo, the former brewmaster of Mudshark Brewing Company, started out as a home brewer. Chieffo, who has lived in Lake Havasu City for over 20 years, has a forestry degree but was working as an information systems manager (managing computers) for the city of Needles when Scott Stocking, his mountain biking and homebrewing sidekick, lured him there works as an apprentice brewer in his new pub brewery. Chieffo received on-the-job training as he apprenticed to Mudshark’s original brewmaster Wayne Wannanan for six months before stepping into his brewmaster boots. The icing on the cake of his training came from Roberto Santos of Brewski’s/Bohemian Breweries, guiding him through brewing techniques on the 15-bbl. Bohemian brewing system.

The brewery names of the beers reflect aspects of life along the Colorado River, including riverside attractions. Mudshark’s six standard beers are Upriver Lager, Pilot Rock Pilsner, Dry Heat Hefe, Underground Pale Ale, Scorpion Red Ale, and Full Moon Belgian Wit. Now adding to the huge selection you’ll find Havablue, a blueberry brew, Wild Watermelon, the name says it all, Moon Light, a lighter, smoother take on Full Moons, and M-Shake – a Strawberry Milk one Shake inspired IPA. But that’s not all, with over a dozen beers to choose from, Mudshark Brewery has something for everyone.

(Principal image: Mark, brewer at Mudshark Brewery with the plaque)

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