January 29, 2023

I love chasing those big fish! Winter fishing is our peak season of the year for consistently catching the big ones and we’ve had a great start so far. The fish pile up both on their structural patterns and in the deep channels. Day after day we might throw swimbaits at structures or dead leeches in deep water. I’m willing to fish either way and both methods can produce big fish. The key is figuring out what the fish want for the day and persevering until it pays off. Some days it’s easy and the bite burns as soon as we disembark, others we just have to hang in there until they kick in, but we always bring home a good mess of fish.

Yesterday Sunday January 22nd 2023 I took my cousin Caitlan and her friends on a catch and release tour for these big fish. When she arrived I was glad to see her better prepared for the cold this time, last trip I had to wrap her in my oversized raincoat to keep her from freezing. We left around 7:30am and I started looking for fish when I looked up and saw a group of birds. Birds don’t work every day this time of year so I wasn’t expecting to find them but a mild cold front with cloud cover kept the fish roaming and feeding. Throughout the trip we found 3 groups of birds working over schools of large stripers to show us exactly where to go. After a bit of trial and error with dead sticks, we found that their favorite thing was throwing swim baits. Almost everything we caught was large with all but a few at 6lbs or better with the largest coming in at around 11lbs. Love putting people on these big fish it’s a blast seeing the tug spinning and the smiling faces all around. We caught fish almost everywhere, when the birds stopped working we turned to our key structure sites to keep catching. Everything we caught with Glow Sassy Shad swim baits on 1 ½ oz. Chartreuse jig heads that are fished both deep and shallow. It seemed like we did the best we could as we found the birds working over a flat ledge into the deep water near shore. It was another great day at beautiful Lake Texoma!

I’ve now made several trips on the new boat and really enjoyed Blazer Bay. There are a few things I liked better about the Falcon, but overall I was quite happy with the Blazer. Thanks to all your help and support we are now fully recovered from the boat fire! I built new rod boxes and we had the hole in the boat lift repaired where it had melted in the fire. It was quite a process to set everything back up the way I like it. Although there are still a few projects to wait, such as a fiberglass bench seat in the stern to give us a little more room in the boat, but all the necessary details have been taken care of and I’m finally back on my own note about it now. It’s good to be back! You all helped me get back on my feet quickly and gracefully and I am forever grateful for the support!

If traditional patterns apply, we should be catching these big fish all winter long. The weather has been really nice here lately and it’s a great time to get out of the house and spend some time with friends and loved ones making memories on the water. All fishing gear is provided on our trips, all you need is a license and warm clothes. All the fish we catch are filleted and packed without red meat, ready to cook with your favorite recipe. You can book your trip online at http://www.stripersinc.com or call me at (903) 815-1609 and I’ll set you up over the phone. If you have any questions about our trips, don’t hesitate to ask them. I look forward to fishing with you!

Your Lake Texoma Fishing Guide, Brian Prichard

Striper Inc. http://www.stripersinc.com (903) 815-1609

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