February 6, 2023

WACO, Texas — The 2022-23 men’s Kansas basketball regular season resumes Monday with a Big 12 Conference matchup against Baylor.

The No. 9 Jayhawks (16-3, 5-2 in Big 12) came after a home loss to now No. 11 TCU. The no. 17 Bears (14-5, 4-3 in Big 12) came after an away win against Oklahoma. Last season, Kansas lost away to Baylor.

Will Coach Bill Self’s Jayhawks be able to end a double losing streak in the Big 12 game? Can Coach Scott Drew’s Bears team continue to improve in the conference standings? These two teams shared the Big 12 regular-season title last season.

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Baylor leads 57-49 against Kansas with 12:48 in the 2nd half

The Jayhawks took the lead for the first time with a 3-pointer from Jalen Wilson that gave Kansas a 46-45 lead, but they didn’t hold it for long. Now Baylor is on a run, leading 57-49 with a Jayhawks timeout by 12:48 in the second half. The calls are going in the direction of the bears, and Bill Self is certainly not happy with some of them.

Baylor is still not shooting the ball well, but he’s been making enough shots lately to regain control. Kansas is definitely still in this. The Jayhawks just need to put together some good possessions and avoid fouls considering Wilson and Gradey Dick have three fouls each.

Baylor leads 45-43 against Kansas with 15:51 in the 2nd half

The shots just don’t come up for Baylor in the second half. The Bears are 1-vs-8 from the field and 0-vs-5 behind the arc while going 2-vs-2 from the free-throw line. And Kansas is taking advantage of that.

The Jayhawks are just a few points behind with a little under 16 minutes left on average. They hit shots from the field and free-throw line without turning them over. And they have a chance to take the lead from this break.

HALFTIME: Baylor 41, Kansas 34

Baylor leads 38-28 against Kansas with 3:25 in the 1st half

The Jayhawks are poised to take the rest of the bonus half offensively in what sounds like a positive turn of events for a sometimes difficult offense. It’s less than three and a half minutes to half-time. And with the way the bears shoot from behind the bow, swapping those trips won’t bring Kansas back into play.

Baylor shoots 7-to-15 on 3s while Kansas is 10-to-18 off the field overall. The Jayhawks are 4-for-9 on 3s, which is commendable. But Kansas also has seven turnovers compared to Baylor’s 2, and the Bears have nine fewer turnover points than the Jayhawks.

Baylor leads 27-16 against Kansas with 7:52 in the 1st half

Bill Self entrusts Gradey to Dick with some more playing time, even though Dick has a few fouls and Dick hasn’t uncovered any more yet. However, the Jayhawks could use a little more offense from him if they want him to be there. He still has just three points on a shot attempt tonight.

Kansas hasn’t scored a field goal attempt in just over two and a half minutes. The Jayhawks actually shoot better from the field than Baylor, but have five turnovers more than the Bears. In fact, Kansas has made as many turnovers – 6 – as shots from the field – 6.

Baylor leads 23-12 against Kansas with 10:39 in the 1st half

Bill Self had to call a timeout during that final stretch before the game even reached that media timeout. Kansas is in danger of being blown out for the second game in a row. It doesn’t seem like the Jayhawks have momentum.

There could be an argument for reinstating Gradey Dick, even with his two fouls. Right now, Kansas doesn’t seem to have much offense other than giving Jalen Wilson the ball and hoping he can make a difference. Not long ago, Wilson nailed an NBA 3-pointer that just seemed like the only option the Jayhawks had.

Baylor leads 13-7 against Kansas with 15:23 in the 1st half

Gradey Dick has already committed two fouls, which sent Kansas’ best 3-point shooter to the bench early in the first half. Dick scored the Jayhawks’ first bucket with a 3-pointer, but now the responsibility rests with Jalen Wilson and others to make up for his absence. Wilson and Kevin McCullar Jr. have shared Kansas’ other four points so far.

Bill Self was eyeing Baylor’s 3-point shoot before this one, and so far the Bears are 2-for-5 behind the arc. The percentage might be something Baylor fans will like, but with Kansas’ defensive performance, the Jayhawks should be lucky the Bears didn’t make more. Baylor should probably have 3 or 4 made 3s with the quality of looks they had.

The game has started

Here are the appetizers

Don’t expect Cam Martin or Kyle Cuffe Jr. to come back for Kansas tonight

Both super senior forward Cam Martin and redshirt freshman guard Kyle Cuffe Jr. are out through injury, Cuffe longer than Martin has been lately, and tonight is not the night they will return. Both Martin and Cuffe warm up on the pitch in street gear.

So far, no surprises for Kansas in terms of availability

It’s game day

Jordan Guskey covers University of Kansas Athletics in the Topeka Capital-Journal. He is the National Sports Media Association’s 2022 Sportswriter of the Year for the State of Kansas. Reach out to him at [email protected] or on Twitter @JordanGuskey.

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