Local author, parenting coach releases children’s book on how to understand and control emotions

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Holly Davis, local parenting teacher and newly published children’s author, is enjoying success with her book The adventures of Max and Oliver. The book is intended to teach children, as well as their adults, how their brains work and how to control their response when activated.

“My book was published on Amazon No. 1 New Release in Children’s Books on Violence. This is great and I can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on the story, ”Davis said.

Described as an easy way to tell kids what’s going on in their brains when they’re activated, the story follows a dog named Max and an owl named Oliver through a lesson on the physical reaction that occurs in their brain and teaches them how to control it. instead of believing that he is the “bad boy”.

“I’ve been teaching kindergarten for 8 years,” Davis said. “I had a little boy labeled the bad boy. I hated when people labeled their past experiences with the student and sent him along with the child. “

Davis took a different approach with her student, using the strategies she outlines in her book to help him learn how to manage his reactions.

“I spent some time trying to get to know him and I gained his trust. I was able to teach him about the brain and how the wise owl goes when he was about to have a seizure. I taught him that he wasn’t a bad boy. Even at age 4 he could understand small pieces of the brain, “Davis said.

Although the barking dog and the wise owl aren’t Davis’s idea, he said he used these animals to tell the story because it’s a simple way to explain a complex concept.

“This is a story that needs to be told,” Davis said. “Something is physically happening in their body and it needs to be tamed. But this isn’t just for kids. It also helps the parents ».

While her mission as a parenting coach is to help families interact in healthy ways, Davis says she’s far from perfect. She still remembers the events that brought her to where she is today.

“I was an overwhelmed and overworked mom,” she said. “I was a screamer and a screamer. I tell this story every time I am in a parenting class. My daughter Mallory was in bed at 2 and I was screaming because she was cleaning her room, making her cry. That day, I knew I had to work on myself, “.

Davis, who left the classroom to work for a nonprofit that teaches parenting courses, recently ventured to start her own business, Holly Davis Coaching.

“At first it was scary. It was the most roller coaster year of my life, “he said.” When I worked for a nonprofit, people didn’t pay for my services. But once I was alone, I had to tell myself that I’m worth it. I believe in myself. I know what I’m talking about and I want to share it with other families. ”

Davis hopes to continue promoting her book in local schools and to organize book signing in the near future. As for what fuels her passion, Davis said that her daughter still reminds her today of how important her work is.

“The parenting lessons were slow at first. Mallory would tell me I can’t give up, “Davis said.” She’d say, ‘There are still parents out there yelling at their kids.’ I’m still rebuilding my relationship with her ”.

Davis has two more books planned for the series.

“It is an important story not only for children, but also for adults. I’m not the only parent who got mad, “Davis said.” I want this book in as many hands and families as possible. “

To purchase the book, click here.

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