February 6, 2023

Some things in sport just always happen differently. Obviously there are no pipe dreams when it comes to the best sports days of the year. It goes without saying, but the Super Bowl is an event not to be missed, Thanksgiving is an unreal football day, the first 2 days of the NCAQA tournament is chaotic, baseball opening day, etc. Everyone knows them. But when you consume sport all year round and it’s your only hobby, you sometimes start to realize that the events in the second or third row of the best days of the year can be just as good as the top ones. For example, this Thursday of the conference championship week might be better for me than the first Thursday of the NCAA tournament. I actually enjoy wild card weekend more than the Super Bowl because the party becomes a distraction, plus wild card weekends give you more games. I also think Conference Championship Saturday delivers more than the college football playoffs. Something about teams trying to hold playoff spots, some teams trying to play spoilers. A championship at stake, especially the smaller conferences where that’s all they play for. Wall to wall games, chaos that ensues is the best. This weekend, let’s get on the gas for another great Championship Saturday as we reminisce with some classics throughout the years.

AAC Championship Game 2018

UCF 62 Memphis 55

Hands up Memphis in this one. Also, Memphis had to win the conference. Both not good. all-time game though. Those two offenses have been electrifying all year and the game has been a back-and-forth battle.

Big Ten Championship Game 2015

16 Michigan Street Iowa 13

Michigan State capped a marathon drive with a touchdown on a 22-game, 82-yard, 9+-minute drive to seal a Big Ten classic.

Big 12 Championship 2021

Baylor 21 OK St 16

Poor Mike Gundy seems to be going down as a legend for Oklahoma Street, giving them some great seasons and wins over the years, but he just can’t get over the hill. Last year was proof of that when Gundy’s team came within feet of a CFP playoff spot.

2008 SEC Championship Game

Florida 31 Alabama 20

Tim Tebow delivers his famous “Promise” speech and wins another Florida title during his career. Also of note in Tebow’s history seems to be that he is credited with winning 2 titles at Gainesville, despite the 2006 season being a packager. That was Chris Leak’s team. Regardless, Tebow was 10000% one of the most fascinating collegiate players of all time.

2018 SEC Championship Game

Alabama 35 Georgia 28

Bama erases a 14-point deficit in Q3 to earn a 35-28 win in a classic.

2012 SEC Championship Game

Alabama 32 Georgia 28

Georgia’s search falls 5 yards short as Aaron Murray’s finish to Chris Conley on a tilted pass contained him and the clock was up. Game was essentially a championship game. as No. 1, Notre Dame didn’t appear to be in any of those team classes.

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