January 31, 2023

Since billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter, he’s recovered suspended accounts including that of former President Donald Trump, attempted to implement features that failed spectacularly, and embarrassed himself with every unfunny, trolling tweet.

Twitter can be a toxic wasteland of contempt and hate, but it can also be genuinely entertaining and engaging. Watching Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a billionaire himself, create chains of tweets with his wealthy is one of our favorite things to do on Twitter. Here are the best of the best.

Mark Cuban and Elon Musk

Cuban has been in Musk’s case since the Tesla founder thought it would be hilarious to literally bring a kitchen sink to Twitter headquarters after buying the platform a month ago. Cuban mildly criticized Musk’s crazy idea of ​​giving someone $8 unchecked verification check, and said he “spent too much time muting all the newly purchased tick accounts to make my verified mentions useful again.” Musk responded that the new features “seemed to work for me” until thousands of users got a tick to create their own Elon Musk accounts.

Cuban Musk recently called out for ignoring Twitter’s biggest challenge “Users feel secure” on the platform. He then reprimanded Musk for not delivering a “Twitter Bill of Rights” because the platform has “no transparency”. That silenced Musk pretty well.

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Former President Donald Trump speaks at the CPAC conference in Dallas.

Patrick Strickland

Mark Cuban and Donald Trump

Getting into a Twitter battle with Trump used to be no challenge. The silliest things could upset him in the wee hours of the morning, causing him to rush to his Twitter page to post a rambling tirade with more spelling and syntax errors than an EL James novel. Now that Musk has restored Trump’s account, we can relive all those insignificant moments and moody tantrums he would have when someone hurt his feelings. Assuming Trump breaks his vow not to return to Twitter.

Cuban tweeted several times with the former president, but a certain exchange in 2012 is worth noting because Cuban rounds out Trump’s verbal salad perfectly. Trump tweeted directly to Cuban that he was “trying to use me to promote himself,” and followed it up with a series of trivial squabbles about how his reality TV show was doing so much better than Cuban’s reality show and… well, you know, the drill. Cuban ended the discussion.

“Come on @realdonaldtrump you need to handle the insults better. It reminds me of when I used to tease you when we were kids in Kenya.”

Mark Cuban and Mark Davis

Right-wing radio host Mark Davis tried to argue with Cuban in 2020 over the wave of kneeling protests during the national anthem at the start of pro sports games. It spilled over the following year when Cuban decided not to even play the anthem before the Mavs’ home games, but Cuban didn’t have to say much to put Davis in his place.

Davis noted in the 2020 season restart that he’s looking forward to the “Mavericks home stretch,” but he also vowed to withdraw his endorsement “as soon as a player kneels during the anthem, I’m OUT.”

Cuban has the perfect answer ready: “Bye.”

Mark Cuban and Senator Ted Cruz

It’s almost impossible not to respond to Cruz’s tweets on Twitter. He infuriates the way some musicians make their fans swoon or headbang. Go ahead and try. Your hand sticks to your mouse like it’s glued until you inevitably hit “tweet.”

The Cuban really let Cruz go in 2020 when the Texas senator boasted he wouldn’t watch the NBA Finals because the league wouldn’t track the league’s stance on players kneeling during the anthem. Cruz added the hashtag “#GoWokeGoBroke.” Cuban expressed that he found Cruz’s support for the failure of a major sports league that employs thousands of people more than a little insulting, saying, “This is who you are @tedcruz.”

replied Cruz that he supports all three Texas NBA teams, but thought Cuban was trying to “turn every game into a leftist political lecture.” Cuban snapped back, “You’re so full of shit. You haven’t watched an endgame, how do you know what’s being said or done? Since when is wanting to end racism an insult to anyone or political?”

Mark Cuban and Lil Wayne
Cuban not only fights with political movers and shakers on Twitter. Sometimes he has a friendly rivalry with famous fans of other NBA teams. The brief but memorable one he had with rapper Lil Wayne over the summer veered into heated territory for a while.

When the Mavs played the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Semifinals (which Dallas won, by the way), Wayne, who is friends with Suns point guard Chris Paul, fired the first shot by calling Mavericks point guard Luka Dončić “a ho.” the fourth game. Cuban responded with a picture of Lil Wayne seated in court, captioned: “It’s a shit show, put you front row,” a stinging reference to one of Wayne’s own songs, “Uproar.”

Nothing says “Oof” like throwing your own words at you, and when it’s your own lyrics it feels like a quick kick in the face.

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