February 6, 2023

Is there a massive shift in work culture on the horizon? It can be in Maryland!

We’re talking 4-day work weeks! This has been an increasing topic of discussion in recent years, and it appears to be gaining momentum with serious consideration.

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The Maryland legislature just introduced a bill to encourage public and private employers to experiment with a 4-day work schedule. If passed, the program would be as early as July 2023 and run until 2028according to the Washingtonian.

Sounds great right? But has it been done before? Yes. With amazing results!

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According to BusinessInsider.com, an experimental real-world study conducted by the group 4-day week worldwide was carried out over a period of 6 months by 33 companies in 6 different countries. During these 6 months, the companies worked a 4-day week, with the employees’ working hours being reduced to 32 hours a week, with the same salary and benefits!

You would think productivity would drop, right? Not correct.

The companies came forward elevated revenueand employee improvement health and well-being. More time for hobbies and loved ones! This has also had a positive effect Vicinity.

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When the process was over, the companies almost got in touch no disadvantages in the final poll. In fact, “none of the 27 companies that completed a completion survey for participants said they had plans to return to a five-day workweek.”

So why are the Maryland legislature proposing legislation to try out the 4-day work week?

Why not??

“It’s good for workers and I think it’s good for employers all round. I think having a more productive and happier workforce probably doesn’t even come with a price,” a Maryland representative and co-sponsor of the bill said, according to NBC Washington.

So what do you think? Is the 5-day week model outdated? Should New Jersey lawmakers investigate the same? Write your thoughts in the comments!

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