McLaren boss Seidl reveals key factors behind Piastri signing – and says CRB ruling ‘not really any surprise’

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl, speaking at the Contract Recognition Board, has ruled that F2 champion Oscar Piastri can be reunited with F2 in 2023 Lando Norris joined the team freely together, and Seidl described his duo as a “very exciting line-up of drivers”.

After a spat with Alpine, the CRB has ruled that Piastri has the right to be a McLaren driver next season, the latter said on August 4 that they had signed Piastri as Fernando Aron for next season Substitute for Sow. According to the ruling, the contract between McLaren and Piastrie was signed on July 4, 2022, and runs until the end of 2024.

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“We are very excited to know that next year we will be winning an Oscar with Lando, who is a very exciting driver line-up,” Seidel told Sky Sports F1 in Zandvoort on Friday.

“We wanted to get the Oscar for two reasons: I think he’s proven in the teens that he’s a very special guy and has a lot of potential. Plus, I think in terms of personality, I think he’s a great fit for us team, which should be the main focus of the news.

“As far as the deed determination committee is concerned, it’s never been a case to be honest, so you’d better ask the other side [Alpine] Why they think they have a case, so it’s not surprising to us. What’s important now is that we can look ahead and what’s important for us now is to focus on the last eight games of the season; with Daniel and Lando we want to finish the season with a game against the Alps and then we will Focus on next year. “

McLaren wins CRB ruling and signs defending F2 champion for 2023

When asked why they signed Piastri’s multi-year deal, Seidl replied: “Yeah, as I said before, we want him in, he wants to be with us, so we’re very, very much. Delighted, the way I got to know him, we’ve gotten to know him so far and we absolutely believe in his talent and his potential.

“And Oscar…he’s young, he’s full of energy, he’s got enough confidence, but at the same time he’s humble and he knows how challenging next year is for him.

“We’re a team that has shown in the past that we can handle or handle youngsters coming into the sport well, so I’m looking forward to going forward with him next year.”

Seidl did not confirm whether Piastri could do end-of-season young driver tests for McLaren. Instead, he stressed that “it is important to announce” that he will be a McLaren driver from next year, saying more plans will be announced soon.

The McLaren boss also added that conversations about outgoing driver Daniel Ricciardo about his replacement have been open and honest.

“Obviously, I didn’t go into detail about my conversations with Daniel, but in the last month or last week we always had an open and transparent conversation with Daniel about where we stand in the partnership, and that was important to me. , yeah, that’s fine,” Seidel said.

“Regarding Daniel’s decision…I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I have nothing to add. The focus right now is just to finish the season with Daniel. Daniel is fully committed to doing this and we as a team are fully committed to doing it That, and then we turn our attention to future Oscars.”

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