Mississippi State vs. Bowling Green: Game preview, odds, how to bet

The state of Mississippi (2-1) dropped out of their most recent bout against LSU and will aim to bounce back while taking on a non-conference opponent in the Bowling Green Falcons.

The Bulldogs open up as strong favorites by 30.5 points over their visiting opponent in what should be an easy win for the Bulldogs, although head coach Mike Leach doesn’t see such matches that way, constantly talking about not underestimate any opponent. The over / under is set at 52 points.

The skinny: One of the most important things Leach has preached to this team is consistency and full play. Although there was some stammering, the Bulldogs looked light years ahead in terms of stable play on both sides of the ball and the attack seemed more synchronized than ever in the first two games of the season. This was not the case in the defeat to LSU as the defense allowed some explosive plays to double-threat quarterback Jayden Daniels and he had missed offensive pairing opportunities with special team madness.


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