February 1, 2023

MADISON, NJ – A new bookstore will open on Main Street, offering the community a variety of seasonal reading and climate change books.

The Nature of Reading Bookshop, a virtual bookstore known in the community for its pop-up events at local markets, will soon be opening its first brick-and-mortar location at 22 Main Street.

The bookshop is run by Hailey Brock, a Chatham native who returned to the area during the pandemic after completing her studies in the UK.

“Since high school, I’ve worked at The Chatham Bookseller during my academic breaks, and I became a manager for about 18 months when I returned to New Jersey in 2020. I had long loved the world of the book trade and, as I normally focus on medieval history, I particularly loved the antiquarian book world throughout my academic career,” said Brock.

As she pondered the next steps in her career, Brock explained that she had both a long-standing interest in the book trade and a strong desire to play a small role in the ongoing climate crisis, and thus the Nature of Reading Bookshop was born.

“Alongside my literal interests, for years I’ve had the same climate scare that affects so many people, especially those of my generation. Up until the pandemic, I could hardly watch climate news without feeling immeasurably hopeless and depressed,” Brock said.

“But as the world weathered the difficult years of the pandemic and we all adapted and changed so profoundly, somehow the existential threat didn’t seem so ​​severe anymore. We have the solutions, we just have to work on implementing them.”

The online bookstore first opened on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, as a niche bookstore specializing in both seasonal reading and books on climate change.

Brock defines seasonal reading as using books to better connect with the changing seasons. “Seasonal reading is personal, it’s about finding what makes you appreciate nature most, what makes you feel most connected and in tune with the cycles that surround us.”

The shop’s other focus is climate change books, including non-fiction and fiction dealing with the climate crisis.

Although no official opening date has been set, Brock expects it to open in the next few months. A crowdfunding campaign was also launched to finance the opening.

Brock expressed excitement at the prospect of becoming a member of the Madison business community, and contributed her love of reading and commitment to spreading awareness of the climate crisis.

“Not only did the pandemic give me the strength to put my climate fears into action, it also made me think: why not now? Owning a bookstore always seemed like a distant dream, but I realized I already had the experience, ideas and passion to open my own shop, so I bypassed the fear and got started,” said Brock.

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