January 31, 2023

According to the most recent SEC filing the company filed, the New Jersey State Common Pension Fund D increased its holding in Integer Holdings Co. (NYSE:ITGR) by 12.3% in the third quarter. The fund’s total number of shares in the medical device maker rose to 35,145 after an additional 3,844 shares were purchased during the quarter. According to the most recent report filed with the SEC, the New Jersey State Common Pension Fund D owned approximately 0.11 percent of Integer. This property represented an interest in the Company and was priced at $2,187.00.

Recently, the company’s holdings have been adjusted by several other institutional investors and hedge funds. These adjustments have been made over the last few months. Integer has successfully increased its holding in Massachusetts Financial Services Co. (MA) shares by 0.5% since the first quarter. Massachusetts Financial Services Co., MA now owns 27,153 shares of the medical device maker, valued at $1,919,000, after buying another 138 shares last quarter. These 27,153 shares have a combined market value of $1,919,000. The Maryland State Retirement and Pension System increased the amount of Integer stock it owned by 1.3% during the second quarter, bringing the total number of Integer stocks it owned to a total of 13,414 shares, according to the company has a market cap of $948,000 after purchasing an additional 173 shares during the quarter. The system’s market cap is currently $948,000. HighTower Advisors LLC increased the percentage of Integer stock it owned by 2.9% during the first three months of the year. HighTower Advisors LLC now owns 7,831 shares of the medical device company after an additional purchase of 217 shares during the period. These shares have a total value of $632,000 and were purchased by the Company during the period. In the first three months of the year, Covestor Ltd. a 420.6% increase in the value of its stake in Integer. Following an additional purchase of 265 shares during the period, Covestor Ltd. now owns 328 shares of the medical device maker, which together have a total value of $26,000. These shares were purchased as a result of the company’s decision to purchase additional shares during the period. Finally, in the first three months of this year, Eaton Vance Management increased its holdings from integer stocks by 0.4%. After purchasing an additional 304 shares, Eaton Vance Management has accumulated 76,712 shares in the medical device company during the period in question, and those shares are currently worth $6,180,000. The company’s shares are held by institutional investors and hedge funds, which account for 98.42% of the total.

In other news, Chief Executive Officer Joseph W. Dziedzic bought 4,000 shares of the company’s stock on Friday, December 16. This was reported in the news on December 16th. The shares were acquired for a total consideration of $247,800.00, which translates to an average price of $61.95 per share when converted into a single transaction. The transaction has been completed and the Company’s CEO now owns 122,378 shares of the Company’s stock totaling approximately $7,581,317.10. The SEC’s filings regarding the transaction, which is currently available, can be accessed at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) website. Insiders own 2.01% of the company’s outstanding shares.

On Wednesday, the price of one share of ITGR stock hit a new all-time high of $72.83 per share. With a price to earnings ratio of 33.87 and a beta of 1.17, the company’s stock has a market value of $2.41 billion giving the company a total value of its business of $2.41 billion. dollars. The ratio of the current ratio to the fast ratio is 1.74, while the ratio of the current ratio to the fast ratio is 2.80. The debt to equity ratio is 0.68. Integer Holdings Co. is priced at just $50.05 per share while the stock has peaked at $88.58 over the past year. The company’s shares have traded at an average of $70.30 over the last 50 trading days, while its price has been $66.68 over the last 200 trading days.

On Thursday, October 27, Integer (NYSE: ITGR) announced that it would release financial results for its fiscal third quarter. The medical device maker reported earnings per share of $0.95 for the quarter, up $0.06 from market analysts’ estimate of $0.89 per share. The company’s actual revenue during the period in question was $342.68 million, which is lower than the projected amount of $343.15 million in revenue the company would generate during that period. Integer’s return on equity was 9.24 percent and the company’s net margin was 5.47 percent. During the current fiscal year, Integer Holdings Co. is expected to post earnings of $3.77 per share based on analyst forecasts.

A significant amount of research has been written on ITGR. KeyCorp lowered its price target on Integer shares to $84.00 from $97.00 in a research note published on Thursday, October 6. They also gave the company an “overweight” rating. On Wednesday, October 12, StockNews.com posted a research note on its website, marking the start of the company’s coverage of integer stocks. They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares in the company. Benchmark lowered its target price on Integer shares to $90.00 per share in a report published on Tuesday, November 1st.

Integer Holdings Corporation is an international medical device outsourcer with locations in several countries including the United States of America, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. The company is responsible for activities that are neither medical nor non-medical in nature. Interventional cardiology, structural heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, neurovascular disease, interventional oncology, electrophysiology, vascular access, infusion therapy, hemodialysis, urology and gastroenterology are some of the medical specialties that the Company’s products address. Other specialties include neurovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease, interventional oncology, electrophysiology, and interventional oncology.

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