New Uses for NFTs: Connecting to the Internet

NFTs have received a lot of media attention in recent years for their monetary value. However, there are uses for NFT that go beyond the hype. NFTs can be used to transfer digital ownership, revolutionizing the way we think about everything from IP ownership to transferring assets online and offline. NFTs can potentially disrupt the paywall, subscription, and subscription models as we know them today. The technology will also drive Web3 adoption by allowing organizations to truly sell goods online without worrying about what will happen next.

What makes NFTs valuable is that they cannot be duplicated, replaced or otherwise rendered non-unique. Thanks to this ability to create unique tokens, they can be used to create subscriptions that you own. Because you own the subscription instead of buying access to it, only you have access to the data associated with it. When you are done, you can sell it or move it to your liking.

This prevents users from being locked into contracts of months or even years which are common in modern internet service companies. However, NFTs don’t just replace how you pay for content. This content becomes available on the blockchain and your NFT is what allows you to access it.

As the popularity of NFTs increases, so does the number of use cases for them. There are several startups that use NFT in applications outside of digital art.

A company called 3air plans to use NFTs to provide internet services in Africa. 3air sells the customer an NFT which grants them an Internet subscription allowing users to sell, move and reuse their subscription token as they wish. These subscription tokens allow consumers to own their data, especially their financial data because their subscription is purchased with cryptocurrency and does not allow businesses to access their banking or demographic data.

This NFT subscription model shows new use cases for NFT that have not yet been fully explored. With this strategy, 3air will connect millions of bankless individuals in Africa to the economy. Through the NFT subscription models for internet service, users who might otherwise be blocked with 2 or 3G connections will suddenly be connected to a much wider audience, allowing people the ability to sell their products globally or simply access Internet that the rest of the world already enjoys.

3air will launch its token in the coming weeks as it prepares to launch its connectivity services in 2023. With the emergence of new use cases for blockchain technology across cryptocurrencies and NFTs, companies like 3air can help bring equity to locality. worldwide that have so far suffered setbacks due to poor connectivity.

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