Onramp Joins the Bosonic Network™

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO & NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL LINE). This latest addition to Bosonic’s growing institutional client base supports the Wealth segment, providing security and transparency to their underlying clients in digital asset markets.

The Bosonic network connects institutional clients to leading digital asset custodians and institutional-grade liquidity partners, enabling secure access to digital asset markets and providing a market-leading Level 2 blockchain for payment versus payment settlement that eliminates counterparty credit and settlement risk.

Onramp Invest provides a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform for financial advisors to help their clients invest safely, securely and intelligently in digital assets. By joining the Bosonic network’s ecosystem of custodians and liquidity providers, Onramp can now provide its consultants and their end clients with access to the best prices, as well as institutional-grade security facilities where they can secure their assets with safety.

Eric Ervin, CEO, Onramp Invest said, “With recent market volatility highlighting issues with both bilateral risk and asset security, we are delighted to join the respected Bosonic network and provide our advisors and their clients with an infrastructure specialized offering asset security with zero credit risk and counterparty settlement. As we continue to build and expand our business, we are constantly looking for the best way to provide first-rate liquidity and market access, thus ensuring our clients the best prices at all times. ”

Jason Nabi, Chief Revenue Officer of Bosonic commented, “Onramp is at the forefront of enabling wider access and opportunities for consultants and their clients to invest in the long-term benefits of crypto assets. Bosonic is delighted to support their growth and provide infrastructure that enables the security of crypto assets. assets, elimination of counterparty credit and settlement risk and real liquidity that can be traded without any conflict or compromise “.

He added: “The wealth segment is a key priority for Bosonic. We are seeing a large number of Family Offices, private banks and advisory platforms move to Bosonic, not only because of our model and capabilities, but also because we are not competing with them in their market, unlike other providers of cryptographic services “.

About bosonic

Founded in 2016, Bosonic is a leading decentralized financial market infrastructure “dFMI” company with offices in San Francisco, New York and London, providing best-in-class infrastructure that eliminates counterparty credit and risk of regulation in digital asset markets.

The Bosonic Network ™ provides institutional clients with a patented solution that is liquidity and custodian independent, enables asset and collateral tokenization, provides liquidity aggregation and DMA to the best Exchanges and Market Makers, and essentially makes payments in real time versus payment (PvP) atomic execution and settlement, with net settlement and cross-margining, cross-custodian payments.

Bosonic Enterprise Solutions is a full front-to-back white label SaaS implementation of the same technology for use in other IMF regulated digital asset platforms, banks or brokers. The Bosonic network and Bosonic Enterprise solutions deliver the best-in-class blockchain infrastructure that is shaping the future of digital asset markets by eliminating risk and maximizing capital efficiency for hedge funds, family offices, banks, brokers, asset managers and other participants in the market.

About Onramp Invest

Onramp Invest is the world’s most advanced digital asset wealth platform, enabling financial professionals to intelligently and seamlessly manage multi-asset portfolios for their clients. As financial technology and digital asset innovation continue to expand at a rapid pace, financial advisors, RIAs, broker-dealers, wealth managers and commercial banks can leverage Onramp Invest to bridge the gap between traditional and digital markets in a way compliant, efficient and driving the desired results for investors. And thanks to Onramp’s flexible technology, financial professionals can keep pace with the cryptocurrency curve and support the evolution of digital asset classes, from NFTs to tokenized real assets and more. #unlockthefuture on onrampinvest.com today.

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