Ooblets: Which Club to Join

Once Ooblets players customize their starting character and leave their hometown in search of a better place, they will end up in a place called Badgetown, which is full of Ooblets. There they will meet the mayor of the city, Tinstle, who entrusts the players with the small task of speaking to eight of Badgetown’s residents.

After the players have finished the match, Tinstle will reunite the leaders of the Ooblet club. And now, players will have to listen to each leader to decide which club is best for them.


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What are Ooblet clubs

The clubs inside Ooblets they are essentially small social groups in Badgetown that each have their own style and personality, with a specific way of living and enjoying life.

Fortunately, the the only thing that is practically influenced by the choice of the club is that the starting players of Ooblet are given. And it’s worth noting that even if players pick a club and lose the other Ooblet options, they will still have a chance to get those blocked Ooblets later in the game.

Which Ooblet Club to join

Since club selection is only for the starting Ooblet, players should simply choose the club they match with the most. Of course, choosing the best Ooblet is also a good choice, so try to choose the most attractive one.

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Frunbun Club

The Frunbuns Club is led by Melda and the crew like to call themselves “lovely sweets who love nice things”. Choosing this club will give players an Ooblet named Tud, which is a great support in dance battles.

Club Minim

The Mimpins Club is a club for intelligent people who are not very good at talking to others in social situations. This is definitely the club for introverts out there who would rather chill at home instead of partying all night.

It is managed by Videon and players will receive the starting Ooblet called Sidekey, which also seems to be a great robot to support the team during Ooblets’ dance battles.

Mossprouts Club

The Mossprouts Club is led by Outgrid and is the club for those who love to be with Mother Nature outdoors. It is for people who love adventure and are looking forward to the next great trip. Choosing this club will grant players the mushroom-looking Ooblet called Shrumbo, which is a more balanced creature for battles.

Club Peaksnub

Club Peaksub is run by Bazil and they like to take pride in being natural, competitive and striving for greatness leaders. Players who choose this club will receive Bittle, an aggressive Ooblet.

Ooblets is now available on PC, Switch and Xbox One.

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