January 27, 2023

Undefeated: This is the University of Arkansas men’s basketball team when they wear pink.

Head coach Eric Musselman ordered the pink uniforms that the Hogs wore Tuesday night as part of the school’s Coaches vs. Cancer program.

Halfway through, his wife, Danyelle Musselman, was honored by the American Cancer Society for her service as a volunteer.

For nearly 30 years, the National Association of Basketball Coaches has chosen a cancer awareness week, and usually the coaches wear athletic shoes.

A few years ago, Arkansas played at LSU during Coaches vs. Cancer Week, and then-Arkansas head coach John Pelphrey, current head coach at Tennessee Tech, wore tennis shoes, but then-LSU head coach John Brady wore dress shoes.

Just behind the press row, an LSU student yelled at Pelphrey to see how smartly Brady was dressed and maybe he could get a few lessons about playing clothes from the LSU coach.

About 10 seconds later, after someone explained the reason, the student yelled, “Sorry, Coach Pelphrey. Hey Brady, why aren’t you wearing sneakers?”

After the game, Brady said he was so engrossed in planning the game that he forgot and wore loafers.


When LSU freshman year head coach Matt McMahon arrived from Murray State, he had a scholarship overall.

The biggest question arising from Arkansas’ 60-40 win was why did McMahon open on a man defense?

When the Tigers defeated the Razorbacks in December, they played a zone that they switched to in the second half on Tuesday night.


Arkansas won’t be thinking pink this Saturday when the Razorbacks travel to Waco, Texas to face up-and-coming Baylor Bears in the SEC/Big 12 Challenge.

The Bears are currently trending with the longest winning streak in the Big 12 with five straight wins.

Baylor opened conference play with three straight losses, which was somewhat surprising given that the Bears defeated UCLA and Gonzaga in non-conference play, despite two of the Big 12 losses being two points or less.

The Bears’ winning streak spanned West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Kansas.

They currently rank fourth in the Big 12.


With 11 games remaining, the Razorbacks have a chance to make a big move up the NCAA NET rankings starting with No. 14 Baylor.

They also have road games against No. 2 Tennessee and No. 3 Alabama.

Currently, the Razorbacks are No. 24 and have games left with No. 33 Kentucky and No. 44 Florida who could work their way into Quad 1 games.

Quad 1 consists of teams ranked in the NET Top 30.


Incidentally, John Pelphrey and Tennessee Tech (9-12 overall, 5-3 Ohio Valley Conference) will host Darrell Walker and the University of Arkansas-Little Rock for a conference game at 3:00 p.m. Saturday.

Just a sidebar for those attending future UALR games, the Stephens Center hasn’t sold any beer in the last two games, ostensibly due to an insurance issue.


An out-of-state online betting site has posted the odds on which college will win the College World Series, and Arkansas finished fifth, 12-1.

Most interestingly, seven of the top eight were SEC schools, including the most popular LSU, followed by Tennessee, Stanford, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Florida and Texas A&M.

The Tigers were 11/2 and the Vols were 13/2.

Since Georgia has already won the national soccer championship, what are the odds of an SEC team winning the NCAA basketball tournament and the College World Series?

With Alabama playing right now, most pundits have seeded the Crimson Tide as the #1 seed in the NCAA tournament.

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