Player Ratings: Real Madrid 2 – 1 Real Betis; 2022 La Liga

It’s a top-flight clash with two teams yet to beat this season. Carlo Ancelotti has opted for some rotations, reducing the average age of the XI from 29 to 27. Rodrygo Goes and Eduardo Camavinga are cleared to start the race. It was a dynamic game, with two Brazilian superstars – Vinicius and Rodrigo – scoring goals.

The full game player ratings are as follows:

Thibaut Courtois – 6: Only three saves were needed in this game, but it would be a disappointment not to get his first clean sheet in La Liga.

Danny Carvajal – 7: The first half was up and down. Defensively messed up: Canales lost track on goal and was jumped by Alex Moreno for the throw-in that led to the goal. On the other end of the spectrum, on offense, Carvajal is great. Popped into central position and clipped an inch-perfect pass for the almost converted Benzema. Then a coveted cross into the box in a short corner kick. A pre-assist for a game-winning goal found Valverde running in the box.

David Alaba – 7.5: Grabbing Vinicius to run off the shoulders of the defender and cut the ball into the Brazilian’s path from the top for a lovely assist.

Militau – 9: Absolute monster – shut down Sergio Canales in a dangerous breakout opportunity and swept it all. Sprayed a couple of nice long diagonal passes.

Fran Mendy – 7: There is nothing on the left flank in Madrid to get past Flanders.

Chuameni – 9: The Frenchman made an incredible debut at the Santiago Bernabeu. Won the love and affection of new fans. Made numerous interceptions, was physically dominant and remained calm on the ball. Looks like a bargain in his early days. Won 10 of his 50/50 duels, made 6 aerial duels, had 4 interceptions and made a game-high 7 tackles.

Luka Modric – 7: It was so much fun watching the little Croat work his magic. Show up in pockets of space all over the pitch and link midfield with defence and attack. Completed 3 key passes, 5 of 5 long passes, completed 2 dribbles. One flaw will be his focus on Canales’ goals.

Eduardo Camavinga – 5.5: Still trying to make the same impact he had on the bench from the start. The final ball is missing today and there are some late challenges.

Rodrigo on the pitch – 8.5: A great fight with Alex Moreno. Works great with Benzema and Vinicius Jr. Especially effective when he drifts to the left and provides overload. There should be 2 or 3 assists, putting a dangerous pass through the goal. It did find the winner of the game after connecting Feder’s pass for the first time.

Little Vinicius – 8.5: He scored for the third straight game after a fine run in the centre of Betis’ defence. With each passing game, Vinicius’ role as the protagonist increases. This will be his Real Madrid team.

Karim Benzema – 5.5: Still not at its best. It felt like some of the passes were forced but failed to hit the target. Hopefully it’s just an early season dip as he goes into full season form.


Feder Valverde – 8.5: The perfect shock replacement. Just seconds after getting on the field, he caught up to his opponent and won the ball high up the field. Then came into the box from the right half and finished with a game-winning assist.

Tony Cross – 7: Killed the game and controlled the tempo of the game in the final 10 minutes.

Danny Ceballos – 8: An energy fireball on the bench. Won high possession with his pressure and made some nice touches with Kroos and others.

Antonio Rudiger – not applicable: Carvajal’s late substitutions look at the results.

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