Practice Report: USC’s Alex Grinch ready to see his defense in action against Rice

Autumn Wednesday Rice Week

Football | August 31, 2022

There are some things you can’t recreate on a practice field: face live and respond to adversity. Defensive Coordinator of the USC Alex Grinch is looking forward to seeing them both on Saturday (September 3) during the Trojans’ debut against Rice.

“The only thing that is promised to you on Saturday is adversity,” Grinch said Wednesday. “You don’t know when it will come, but in the end you are in control of how you respond. It’s something we haven’t been into. We haven’t been in that fight together.”

The USC coaching staff stressed that physicality will be present during the team’s regular season practice. Grinch previously described the team’s training sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday as “the first two games” of the week before Saturday. But now that the most physically demanding workouts for Trojans are over, what’s left for the rest of the game week?

“Now the mental [component] it goes through the roof, “Grinch explained.” If we can’t stress you physically, we’ll stress you mentally. So we don’t take days off. We have a lot more to accomplish this week. “

Notes from USC’s Wednesday Rice Week practice:

  • Early in the preseason, Grinch expressed concern about the development in the USC end-of-run position. He shared an update on Wednesday:

    • “I think for the most part the guys got healthy, got a few reps. It’s a trial by fire. There’s a reason you have practice, right? And if you’re not involved with it, it’s really hard to get better when you’re not on grass. But all the credit goes to manager Manning. He’s great at what he does in terms of getting those guys to accelerate mentally and those things. “

  • Despite what he has achieved so far in his football career, the team captain is a new milestone for the quarterback Caleb Williams:

    • “It was actually one of my dreams. I always wanted to be a captain. I had a COVID year in high school, so I couldn’t really be a captain and be out there with those guys training, leading them. So it was always a my dream. I can’t wait to go out and help them and help us as a team achieve our goals. “

  • Williams will experience his first game as a Trojan Saturday and was asked if he has a message for the student section:

    • “I want you all to be rowdy. I want everyone to be rowdy … except when we are on offense. Other than that, you are one thing.

  • Large receiver Brendano rice shared high expectations for his position group on Wednesday:

Average availability on Wednesday:

New numbers to know:

  • Defensive linesman Nick Figueroawho previously wore the number 50, now wears the 99. The senior in the red jersey wore that number during his time at junior college.

  • Defensive back Bryson Shawwho moved from Ohio State as a junior red jersey this summer, wears 27.

  • A real freshman coming back Raleek Brown sport the number 14.

  • Large receiver Michael Jackson IIIwho previously wore the number 13, now wears the number 9.

  • Wide receiver Jordan Addision wears the no. 3, once retired, after Trojan legend Carson Palmer blessed him.

  • Senior defensive linesman in the red jersey Solomon Byrdwho moved from Wyoming this summer, wears the no. 51.

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