Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic: LIVE Score Updates (69-56) | 09/03/2022

11:50 3 minutes ago

4Q | 10:00

The last quarter begins.

11:47 6 minutes ago

Hello to the third

The third quarter ends, a 13 point lead for Puerto Rico. George Conditt with 18 points is the leader in the scoring.

11:45 7 minutes ago

3Q | 0:32

The Dominicans react and cut the difference to 11, forcing the time out in Puerto Rico.

11:41 11 minutes ago

3Q | 2:21

Puerto Rico forcing the time out, advantage of 16. The Dominican Republic cannot find a way to stop its rival and is defeated by the Puerto Ricans.

11:40 13 minutes ago

3Q | 5:13

Absolute domination of Puerto Rico, George Conditt came on with 18 points and a lead of 14 for them.

11:34 18 minutes ago

3Q | 8:01

Also restart between the two teams, both teams trying to do damage little by little. Puerto Rico continues to look better on the pitch.

11:26 27 minutes ago

3Q | 10:00

The third quarter begins.

11:09 44 minutes ago

Half the time

Best closure of Puerto Rico that manages to increase the advantage to 10 points. George Conditt the best in the field for Puerto Rico, for the Dominicans, Jeromy Rodríguez the best.

10:59 AMan an hour ago

2Q | 2:37

Once again the Dominican Republic took the game to 3 points, a great match at the Geraldao Arena.

10:53 AMan an hour ago

2Q | 4:59

Puerto Rico reacts and forces the game to stop, Javier Mojica is still leading by 8 with 5 points in a row.

10:49 AMan an hour ago

2Q | 6:01

Jeremy Rodriguez’s jumper that forces the time out in Puerto Rico, Dominican reaches 3 points.

10:46 AMan an hour ago

2Q | 7:40 am

After a cold start, the Dominicans got closer, cutting the difference to 5 points with the baskets of Andres Feliz and Anyeuri Castillo.

10:41 AMan an hour ago

2Q | 10:00

The second quarter has begun.

10:38 AMan an hour ago

End of the first

The first quarter ends, 11 points clear for Puerto Rico, George Conditt the best in the field so far.

10:37 AMan an hour ago

1Q | 1:03

Puerto Rico manages to take off by 11 points, a triple from Alfonso Plummer to increase the advantage.

10:33 AMan an hour ago

1Q | 4:51

Great speed of the Puerto Ricans, the defense of the Dominican Republic fails to stop them and is forced to commit many fouls.

10:30 An hour ago

1Q | 7:41

Strong start from Puerto Rico that goes up by 4 points, George Conditt dominates in the paint.

10:22 2 hours ago

1Q | 10:00

The game begins.

10:14 2 hours ago

Bet delay

The start of the game is delayed due to technical problems. The meeting will begin shortly.

9:57 AM2 hours ago

It is about to begin

We are just minutes from the start of the presentation of the game and the previous FIBA ​​protocols.

9:49 AM2 hours ago

Another option to see the game

Bet365 is another platform where you can watch the live broadcast of this match.

9:43 AM2 hours ago

Latest formations

In the last game, the two teams lined up like this:
Puerto Rico: George Conditt, Justin Reyes, Christopher Ortiz, Javier Mojica and Tremont Waters.
Dominican Republic: Victor Liz, Eloy Vargas, Andres Feliz, Chris Duarte and Ángel Delgado.

9:41 AM2 hours ago

Rose of the Dominican Republic

9:33 AM2 hours ago

The Puerto Rico team!

9:22 AM 3 hours ago

Last duel!

The last official match between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic dates back to the 2015 FIBA ​​Americas Championship when in the second round, Puerto Rico defeated the Dominican Republic 98-92 with an outstanding performance by JJ Barea with 37 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. for Puerto Rico and by Francisco García with 25 points for the Dominicans.

9:17 AM 3 hours ago

Here we are!

Just under an hour left for the start of the match between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic at the Geraldão Arena. Both quintets will go in search of victory. Who will make it tonight? Follow our coverage on VAVEL.

00:32 11 hours ago

Stay with us to follow this game!

00:27 11 hours ago

Where to watch the game?

We remind you that the game will be televised via Fox Sports and streamed via the FIBA ​​YouTube channel or on the Courtside 1891 platform.
If you want to follow it online, VAVEL is your best option.

00:22 12 hours ago

Victor Liz, a player not to be missed!

00:17 12 hours ago

How does the Dominican Republic arrive?

The Dominicans arrive at this duel after entering the second round of the Americas Qualifiers as second place in Group C with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. In their last two games, the Dominican Republic beat Panama with a score of 70 to 61 and lost to Venezuela 72 to 76. The team led by Melvyn López has a wealth of experience, including Víctor Liz, Ángel Delgado and Rigoberto Mendoza. and Cristoforo Duarte. These players have been of great importance in getting the Dominican Republic to where it is and will be fighting for one of the tickets to the next round. The Dominicans are included in Group B along with Argentina, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, so the fight will not be easy.

00:12 12 hours ago

Tremont Waters, a player not to be missed!

00:07 12 hours ago

How does Puerto Rico arrive?

The Puerto Rican representative arrives at this Americup after having played a fluctuating World Cup qualification with a record of 4 wins and 4 losses and in fifth place in its group. Puerto Rico comes from Brazil astonishingly at home with a score of 75 to 72 and down on their visit to Uruguay with a score of 78 to 70. Puerto Rico’s team of players is one of those that have shown the greatest growth in the past years Some players who stand out are José Alvarado, Justin Reyes, Tremont Waters and Javier Mojica. The goal for Puerto Rico is to fight for one of the direct tickets for the next round with Argentina and the Dominican Republic, the last member of group B being the Virgin Islands. For the Americup, Puerto Ricans will not present their young star José Alvarado, because he has asked to focus on his next adventure with the Pelicans in the NBA.

23:57 12 hours ago


Good day to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the live broadcast of Puerto Rico versus Dominican Republic match, corresponding to the group stage of FIBA ​​Americup 2022. The match will take place at the Geraldão Arena, at 10:10 am


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