Purdue football can’t close out Penn State in season-opening loss

“We had this opportunity where we wanted and had the chance to beat the opponent again to seal the game and the game was over. We couldn’t do that”

West Lafayette – It’s important to keep in mind the big picture of Thursday’s heartbreaking 35-31 loss to Penn State.

However, the short-term feeling is one of anger, disappointment and missed opportunity. The loss was harrowing for a variety of reasons, with the Nittany Lions parting ways with the Boilermakers in the final seconds of the first half and the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

That was a short 21 points. That’s the difference.

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Purdue demonstrated its potential as a formidable team, overcoming adversity, penalties and sloppy steals to beat one of the nation’s top programs on the national stage and earn the label as a top 10 contender in the Western Conference.

Instead, the Boilermakers walked out of Ross-Arder Stadium knowing they were a good team, but failed to close out a game that would have taken their season to new heights.

Whether it’s the battle cry of dribbling a 3-point lead in the fourth quarter or being aggressive in the passing game, it’s all about getting the deal done.

It doesn’t matter how Purdue achieves the desired end result, as long as it does. On Thursday, it wasn’t because of the inability to play another game, fall behind again and avoid the last missed tackle.

“We had the right opportunity where we wanted to be, had one more chance to start and lock the game, and the game was over,” Purdue coach Jeff Broom said. “We couldn’t do that. That’s what Sting. I’m proud of the fight. “We fought in the second half and didn’t budge. We have a chance. “

A quick hindsight was because Broom didn’t trust his running game to get the first down and chew time. In all likelihood it worked, but Broom has triumphed through the air during his tenure. It’s his strength, and the results still work in his favor.

But even Brohm knows that producing production on the ground is a must, especially to lead 31-28 in the fourth quarter and unleash four minutes of practice to make sure you don’t give up the ball. He saw Penn State load dead bodies at the line of scrimmage. He saw the Nittany Lions bring a blitz, creating one-on-one matchups on the perimeter. Purdue didn’t win enough games in the passing game.

“We had a couple of negative games in the running game that hurt us when we had a lot of one-on-one games,” he said. “Riding on the arms of quarterbacks and receivers, we didn’t end up playing enough games.”

This is the most important.

Although the Boilermakers bounced back after a disaster at the end of the first half, due to turnovers and sloppy steals, it was the fourth quarter when the Nittany Lions scored two touchdowns in the final 1:44. important. They didn’t do it that night.

Purdue will be in this position again. It will play more close games for the rest of the season. Aside from next week’s one-sided matchup with Indiana State, the Boilermakers will face the same situation time and time again. You can count on it.

“From me, I had to be more precise about where to throw the ball,” said quarterback Aidan O’Connell. “I’ll take responsibility for that. We’ve got to be consistent on all fronts, play the call signals, everyone line up and do what we need to do.”

The good news is that Iowa’s move to Charlie Jones was as good as advertised, with 12 catches for 153 yards and his first touchdown as a Boilermaker. The defense spun a lot of body and started to affect the game in the fourth quarter until PSU quarterback Sean Clifford devised the game-winning shot.

Chris Jefferson’s No. 6 pick lit up the Ross-Arder Field and had everything to define the season until the Nittany Lions made a splash on the field and won. The running game yielded 70 yards, but there were moments when the offensive line created more holes. But that’s not enough.

Purdue has the power to get it done. The Boilermakers experienced an unsuccessful first drop on Thursday. They need to prove they can do it.

The Boilermakers lost a game they won on Thursday, a big statement opportunity for Penn State. But Purdue faces another claim game soon, and we’ll see if it can provide a knockout when it matters.

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