Ranking Suns fits for a potential Utah Jazz trade

Between the Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell trades, the Utah Jazz have opened the door to the rest of the NBA.

In those two deals, they’ve amassed nine different first-round picks, two 2022 first-round picks, and some young but mature rotation players. When you consider moving Patrick Beverley (acquired in the Gobert trade) to the Los Angeles Lakers for Taron Horton-Tucker and Stanley Johnson, the Jazz seem to be all-in on youth sports.

The Phoenix Suns are lacking in youth teams more than most, but will the trades around draft picks and salary padding be enough to tempt the Jazz to steal one of their other established teams?

Here are my favorite goals in Utah — from least favorite (4) to favorite — and examples of each of my favorite deals:

4. Malik Beasley: 6-foot-5, 187 pounds, 6-7 wingspan

I feel like I’m above most people on this idea for a very obvious reason. With $32 million remaining on Beasley’s contract over the next two seasons, that could put a lot of people off, especially if your defense isn’t great by any means.

However, his 3-point shooting stats jumped off the screen. In 130 games for Minnesota, Beasley averaged 8.3 field goal attempts and shot 38.9 percent from the field.

These numbers remove errors like slightly below-average defense – btw improve! When it comes to roster building, few will regret prioritizing offensive vitality, and this would be a move in favor of that.

A trade around Landry Shamet, Tory Craig ($5 million due), and a second-round pick (or two) should be enough to get the job done.

Notably, Beasley served 78 days of a 120-day prison sentence for an incident involving felony-level violent threats before his release in August 2021. It could be getting him from the Suns front office, regardless of cost.

3. Jordan Clarkson: 6-4, 194, 6-10

Clarkson is my more lukewarm target, mostly based on his inefficiency — especially lately (53.2% TS% last season) — versus his high usage rate (26.8% last season and 29.7% last season) side by side.

Any deal would likely require Cam Payne as the acquisition would be to improve that, and given the recent progress Payne has seen with the organization in Clarkson’s struggling field, I’d be a little hesitant to put it all together. .

The upside comes from the hope that he can regain his 2020-21 mojo when he wins Sixth Man of the Year. Coming back to the question of prioritizing offensive vitality, having a true shot creator and maker in your organization can take a huge load off your bench.

That probably requires at least Jae Crowder or a first-round pick and more. In this example, I’ll send Crowder and Payne for a second round of transactions to make the transaction smoother.

2. Jared Vanderbilt: 6-9, 214, 7-1

I’ll let Sam Cooper handle this with The Timeline from his YouTube channel, from a free agent pitch video from a few years ago:

I’ll hold off on an example of a trade because I like the idea of ​​him pairing with the No. 1 target.

1. Bojan Bogdanovic: 6-7, 226, 6-11

Bogdanovic is by far the most established player and a proven contributor to playoff contenders, and he is currently playing with the Croatian national team at EuroBasket alongside Dario Saric. Additionally, there have been reports that Phoenix is ​​exploring the market around Bogdanovic.

I’d do my best to trade for him, especially if Saric offers a EuroBasket approved primary source stamp. The first of Crowder, Shamet, and Bogdanovic and Vanderbilt sounds good to me.

Where are we as a nation of the Suns? Will we run it back comfortably? Or do the Suns need to make another big splash before training camp like the Bogdanovic trade did?

Personally, I comfortable Where are they, although I prefer another spin to add.

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