RAs and Orientation Team (O-Team) greet the Class of 2026 – Trinitonian

Current students involved in campus organizations welcome the new freshmen class after the summer vacation

Selected from nearly 11,500 candidates, a record for Trinity admission, the class of 2026 is an extremely diverse, motivated and well-rounded student body.

The upcoming class of 2026 has officially moved with a lot of excitement in the air. The Orientation Team, also known as the “O-Team” and Residential Assistants (RAs) have made a huge effort to prepare for the official move. Both active members of the O-Team and the RAs were supposed to arrive on campus weeks before the transfer. Once we got into the first year, O-Team, along with many former students and faculty, played loudly as they enthused each other about the move.

Before the students arrived, the O-Team members had three days of orientation training, which allowed them to get to know each other. The members of the O-Team were subsequently divided into small groups to participate in ice-breaking activities, group activities such as relay races and more. They also attended important information sessions such as DEI training, meetings with the student principal to discuss how to handle situations with new students related to mental health and family emergencies.

One of the O-Team members, second year Allison Waters, retraces her time and shares what she took away from this experience, before and even after the arrival of the first year,

“The three days of bonding before the students only arrived with other O-Team members were extremely beneficial and allowed me to feel more comfortable with everyone else. I would like to be part of the O-Team again next year because of how special this experience has been. “

Later, the first few years they received Trinity shirts and they received instructions to create a formation on the Trinity soccer field to spell “TU”. In-room social activities, icebreakers, snow cone stands, bouncy houses, and additional bonding exercises kept the new students engaged and motivated for the start of the new school year.

One of the O-Team captains, young Jordan Meacham, described his time as one of the best experiences he has ever had on the Trinity campus.

“The bonding experience and experiences within the team made this process extremely enjoyable and motivating,” said Meacham. “Being able to create such a welcoming environment for the first few years really made me happy.”

Waters shares the fact that many of the early years were receptive to O-Team members and eager to relocate and meet.

“I’ve got to meet so many new people, reach freshmen and make their experience even better and more meaningful than my orientation experience,” Waters said. “My push to be in O-Team was because I wanted to be more involved on campus and I wanted to give back to the school.”

While O-Team ended up welcoming the class of 2026 with enthusiasm, the ARs were also looking forward to meeting their new residents. The RAs spent their time bonding during a retreat trip to Mo Ranch in Kerr County, Texas, where they learned how to build a strong and welcoming community for their residents. Junior Alejandra Caballero, an early RA, said she is thrilled for the new year.

“I think my experience as an RA has been characterized by strengthening my community building skills,” said Caballero. “Last year, I really enjoyed seeing how each of my residents found their niche on campus, how they grew in their identities, and how they became more comfortable with me. Seeing my residents engaged on campus is one of the most rewarding parts of being an RA. “

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