February 4, 2023

Remains identified, solves 14-year-old case

Published 00:26 Friday, December 2, 2022

Human remains found in a submerged vehicle in Port Arthur this summer have been identified as those of a man who has been missing for more than a decade.

The identification sheds light on the whereabouts of a local resident who was reported missing in May 2008.

Port Neches Police Captain Jesse Fournet said the remains had been identified as Adrian Lozoya. The information was provided to the PNPD about a week ago and the family has been notified, Fournet said.

According to Fournet, the lab also ran tests on the remains that showed no foul play was involved in the death.

In August, divers from the Port Arthur Fire Department searched the canals along Texas 73 near Memorial Boulevard for a missing Port Arthur man and found vehicles in various areas.

While the search led to the discovery of the missing Port Arthur man, the identity of the other remains remained unanswered.

The remains were sent to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas. The lab performs forensic DNA testing, anthropological research, and more.

Lozoya, 26, was living in Port Neches at the time he was reported missing.

He was reportedly meeting friends at a bar to watch a sporting event and was last seen at around 3am on May 4, 2008 at the IHOP in Port Arthur.

He was reported missing after being absent from his shift at work the next day.

The search

While divers combed a channel near the intersection of Texas 73 and Memorial Boulevard, they found two vehicles — the first to match the description of the Lozoya last seen.

A driver who stopped by the scene in August recognized the car and called Lozoya’s relatives, police said.

That’s what retired police chief Paul Lemoine said As the vehicle matching Lozoya’s was pulled out of the canal, water and mud poured out when the doors were opened. Officers also searched the vehicle and the waterway for evidence.

Following Lozoya’s disappearance, his family launched a very public search for the Port Neches man.

They bought ads in The Port Arthur News sought information about his whereabouts and also hired a private detective.

A helicopter was deployed to search the general area where he was last seen and Texas EquuSearch, a search and rescue organization, listed Lozoya on its website with a physical description, clothing and vehicle information

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