Saban declares war on depth charts: ‘I know y’all think I’m crazy’

Nick Saban on a Saturday night.

Fresh off a 55-0 win over Utah State’s season opener, Coach Crimson Tide prepares for a few rounds of verbal chess in a press conference.

Biggest loser: depth maps.

Bottom line: they may have disappeared too.

The boiling point came six days after the coveted depth chart was released and after several questions about the starters and rotations. Jihad Week documents have gained value in recent years as media viewing time has been removed from the routine. The form distributed Monday gave us an early look at where players are heading into Utah for the week in addition to video and photos distributed through UA Athletics.

After being asked about rotating cornerbacks, Saban was asked about Jawyn Cohen’s position at right back when Emile Ekijor was listed as a starter on the depth chart.

“You guys need to get off the depth chart a little bit,” Saban said, over. “Well, forget who started and who didn’t. Emil missed five days of practice before the game and he only practiced two days. We wanted to have him in the game but he didn’t practice as often so we didn’t want to let him He plays too much and it’s fair to another guy who started in his absence.”

“So Emil is still the starting right-back.”

That’s it.

And a depth map? RIP, possibly.

“My biggest problem — it’s probably the last time you get one — my biggest problem with the whole team is the day the depth chart comes out,” Saban said. “So you’ve probably seen the last one. You’ve probably all seen the last one…because that’s what you’re worried about. We have competition as a team. We have good players. It’s not just… I think there are seven or eight There are players who can play winning football on the offensive line, and I’m going to get them all on the pitch.”

Saban paused.

“I know you’ll think I’m crazy,” he concluded. “It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Monday of the opening game week has been known as Depth Chart Day as Alabama decides who will start and who will be the bench. Positions like cornerback remained shaky, so the four co-starters swapped the series in the first quarter.

When asked the question, he was ready.

“Have I ever said anything I wouldn’t do,” Saban said. “What made you believe that? I told you we had games in the corner. So what did I say to make you believe they wouldn’t all play?”

Saban interrupted his response.

“I’m curious, like you’re surprised they all play. I never said they wouldn’t play. I said there was a lot of competition for corners and I didn’t know who was our best corner, so we were playing Both played them to see who played the best.

“So I’d love to know why you’re surprised by that. I’m curious. You’re curious. We’re all curious.”

Which begs the question about offensive linebackers.

Now, Alabama turns its attention to a Week 2 trip to Texas to make headlines in the face of a Longhorn team that didn’t post a depth chart before beating ULM 52-10 last week.

Michael Casagrande is a reporter for Alabama Media Group.follow him on twitter @ByCasagrande or open Facebook.

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