Sacramento Kings and CryptoKaiju Collaborate for the First Physical Crypto-Collectible

Famous basketball team, Sacramento Kings, made a huge announcement for basketball fans and cryptocurrency owners. The famed team is teaming up with CryptoKaiju, the creators of the first Ethereum-powered vinyl toys, to present the first-of-its-kind physical NFT collection based on professional sports! The treasure hunt for the same will be hosted by the Kings in the first week of November and will continue throughout the 2019-20 season. Lucky fans will have the opportunity to acquire any of the 100 limited edition Kaiju toys.

Each toy in this cryptocurrency collection is based on a distinctive NFT, which means that all Kaijus will differ in terms of features and specifications. Kaiju are fully traceable on the blockchain. After collecting 15 of these rare Kaiju toys, the non-fungible token will reveal an exciting reward for collectors, such as VIP tours, sidelines and original Kings merchandise.

Sharing his opinion on the collaboration with CryptoKaiju, Sacramento Kings Chief Operating Officer Ryan Montaya said it will be very beneficial to their fans if they use more blockchains in their line of business. He said the Kings are very excited to launch these rare limited edition collectibles that will offer an immersive experience to their fans! He said that the collaboration with CryptoKaiju is a promising opportunity to use technology that will create innovative products for their fan base.

In much the same way, CryptoKaiju founder Oliver Carding said he is truly honored to be partnering with the Sacramento Kings, a team so enamored with innovations in the tech industry that they understand the potential of blockchain’s role in the items industry to be. collection. He said NFT collectibles are perfect for tech-loving sports enthusiasts. With the growing popularity of these collectible tokens, various sports teams will soon release their own collectibles that will synchronously link the physical and digital aspects of sports. He also said that he has the privilege of being the driving force in this pivotal movement!

This massive collaboration is the first of the Kings’ efforts to pave the way for technological innovations in sport. In 2014, the Sacramento Kings earned the title of being the first NBA team to accept Bitcoin as a payment method. It also became the first professional sports team in the world to mine cryptocurrency! To use the mined funds appropriately, they ran a charity program called MiningForGood, which made donations for community development and education. Last week, they announced the NBA’s first blockchain-based rewarding program in partnership with Blockparty.

The Sacramento Kings are real, not only on the pitch but in the field of predictive play as well. Earlier this year, they launched the first truly dedicated platform for a free-to-play predictive in-arena gaming experience. In addition, the team has also been awarded various titles from renowned sports companies such as “The Most Innovative Company in Sports”, “Most Tech Savvy Team of 2016” and “Facility of the Year” from Fast Company, Sport Techie, and Sports Business Journal, respectively.

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