Satoshi Nakamoto: What We Know About the Unknown Inventor Of Bitcoin

The mysterious inventor of what is now the world’s most valuable digital currency is better imagined than described. After all, we know almost nothing about him.

In search of Satoshi Nakamoto

No one is exactly sure if he ever lived, but his name and invention betrayed him like an annoyed Japanese, and we would never know what he wanted, but we did find some clues that point to one thing: the cold-blooded destruction of our economic system and political ethics.

There is in Satoshi Nakamoto’s dark personality a clue that generates a mixed feeling of anger and joy, which is mostly felt by those who are his sympathizers. Furthermore, this feeling is easily inspired by almost anyone who starts reading his whitepaper, the Bitcoin whitepaper, with all the devotion he fully deserves.

Through the act of reading, the reader is consequently exposed to the unleashed spirit of the rabble of a revolutionary of which Satoshi was in part, and wonders why his genius is still grossly underestimated by the world. But only an intentional reading is strongly recommended to understand the functioning of Satoshi’s inner mind and the trajectory of his invention.

Satoshi, if there ever was a man of such a reputation, was light years ahead of his peers and his generation. Skepticism aside, he is often regarded as the man who single-handedly rewrote the history of money into a few but powerful living lines, one of which is a vivid description of how technology is able to “allow any two parties to effect transactions directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party “.

What do we know?

Today, there are as many basic questions about this man and his invention as there are likely answers about his motivation and inspiration. But the closest we’ve ever come to discovering the truth is that Satoshi was either a figment of our imagination or the alter ego of an entity unleashed by the rabble that preferred anonymity to the making of legends.

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We know that Satoshi, a supposedly larger-than-life figure, has built a crypto empire of 300 million people today, and that Bitcoin, his main invention, is the precursor to the growing horde of cryptocurrencies dotting the crypto space and the constant explosion. of ideas in the web space3.

Also, we know that innovations like NFT, DAO, Defi, etc. who are now leveraging blockchain technology within the nascent web3 digital space can be remotely attributed to the brilliant mind of Satoshi Nakamoto, even though no one has reported knowing or meeting him.

Satoshi Nakamoto: one claim, too many!

For an invention that has great potential to transform the future of money, we are quite familiar with the premise that it is on track to change the world. However, the unknown identity of its central figure has led to claims and counter-deductions.

In one of several instances where an attempt has been made to hijack Satoshi’s identity, Australian computer scientist Craig Wright recently told the world that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto. But instead of being hailed for such a brilliant invention, he was booed by an angry audience who saw him as an opportunist and a pathological liar.

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Craig’s claim was a fiercely debated topic within the crypto community in 2021 and what made it even more extraordinary is that it was an intriguing part of the civil action filed against him in a Miami court by the executors of his partner’s estate who accused him of a rip-off.

What some have dubbed the “Bitcoin Trial of The Century was actually about Craig, his claim and his defense, and was more than how a significant part of the court ruling suggested Craig could not have been Satoshi, a dramatic end that dealt a fatal blow to his rise to a legendary height.Although the trial ended with a tarnished reputation for him, he has yet to put an end to the claims and counter-arguments about the invention of Bitcoin.

Dominic Frisby in his book Bitcoin, the future of Money? ‘ argued with characteristic candor that famed computer engineer Nick Szabo could have invented Bitcoin, citing a striking similarity between the writings of Satoshi and Nick and a more convincing similarity between the concepts of Nick’s Bit Get and Satoshi’s Bitcoin.

There was also a recent claim from a certain Satoshi Shane-O that he recently made a revelation in a podcast about how he and a few other people started Bitcoin. In what is called ‘The Bitcoin origin’ a clue is given as to the possibility of declaring Satoshi as the identity or pseudonym used by a group of people who have chosen to remain under the radar. This line of argument holds true for some due to the fact that the pronoun “We” is used throughout the Bitcoin whitepaper.


The most controversial attempt to bring the founder of Bitcoin to the fore remains that of the 2014 scandal of Dorian Satoshi, the retired Japanese-American engineer who later flatly denied being the real Satoshi Nakamoto after his answer to a question. betrayed him as Satoshi and a libertarian. But one thing Dorian’s denial has shown is that Satoshi Nakamota’s identity may never be known.

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