January 31, 2023

Several Oklahoma school districts are preparing for the upcoming February 14, 2023 school bond election.

Mustang, Norman, and Stillwater public schools have big plans if their bonds pass. While each district has specific needs, it is important to accommodate growth.

“The total is $180.9 million, and the majority of that will go towards an elementary school that we call ‘Elementary School Number Nine,’ and that will immediately contribute to the great growth we’ve seen at our elementary levels said Charles Bradley. the Superintendent for Mustang Public Schools.

If the bond is approved, Mustang Public Schools will begin construction of a new elementary school and high school expansion. The district currently serves more than 13,000 students and continues to grow.

“By the school year 2023/24 we would have a primary school. The high school expansion would take a little longer just because of the size and shape, and we’re building on a campus,” he said.

With four lunch breaks, Superintendent Bradley said the extra space will allow them to go back to two lunch breaks and class sizes back to the mid-20s.

“The other word I would use to describe this bond is ‘crucial’, we don’t have empty classrooms in the district. We no longer have classrooms, so with no anticipated further growth, we need this new addition to Elementary School Number Nine and High School to meet those classroom needs,” Bradley said.

The district would also be able to update safety measures at all of its district locations. MPS isn’t the only school looking to receive multi-million dollar updates, Norman Public Schools is hoping to build a standalone facility for the Oklahoma Aviation Academy.

The district also wants to construct a multisport athletic stadium at Norman North and update the stadium at Norman High along with classroom expansions and routine maintenance at district sites. Stillwater Public Schools also have big plans, hoping voters will get on board to build a new high school just north of Pioneer Stadium.

They also want to improve their athletic facility, get new extracurricular gear, and district updates at each school location.

“When people go to the Oklahoma voting portal, they put their information in, it will tell you exactly which school district you can vote in and a really simple test that we let people know if you have a school bus.” see them driving down your street, that’s the school district to vote for,” Bradley said.

The deadline for applying for a postal vote is next Monday, January 30, 2023.


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