February 5, 2023

ATLANTA — SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey believes that if Alabama and Tennessee, as well as LSU, should win Saturday’s SEC championship game, they should all be seriously considered for promotion to the college football playoffs.

The Tigers, 9-3 and No. 14 in the CFP, take on Georgia in the title game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. No. 6 Alabama (10-2) and No. 7 Tennessee (10-2) are outside of the current top 4, trailing No. 1 Georgia, No. 2 Michigan, No. 3 TCIU, No. 4 USC and No. 5 in the state of Ohio.

“I look at the rigor of our league and we have teams in 6th and 7th place that are worth considering and I’m confident they will be considered,” Sankey said. “I also respect Ohio State and the tough game against Michigan. Our teams had two close losses in both Alabama and Tennessee. I think these two teams are viable.

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