Sevilla vs Barcelona, La Liga: Final Score 0-3, Barça survive early scare, dominate on the road

Barcelona continue their unbeaten start to the season and have now won three games La Liga With a convincing 3-0 win over Sevilla Roman Sanchez Pisjuan on a saturday night.This Blaugrana Having to face a team that really needed a result survived an early storm but finally showed their strengths with a huge away victory.

first half

Sevilla desperately needed a result, playing like a desperate team, playing with incredible intensity, pressing Barca on the pitch and creating huge chances to run behind the box. BlaugranaThe high line and close to score at least three times. Marc-Andre ter Stegen had to play a big part early on and it felt like it was only a matter of time before Sevilla’s goal came.

But Barca did something rare for them: score in the game, which they did on 20 minutes, a lightning-quick counter-attack by Ousmane Dembélé before finding Robert Lewandowski in the box , Raphinha crossed the free throw line after the Pole’s chips passed the goalkeeper and he headed home after a rebound.

Barca needed to find the back of the net to calm down and integrate into the game, and after managing to weather an early storm, the visitors started to have more balls and slowed Sevilla’s momentum.The hosts no longer have easy chances on the counter-attack, suddenly it’s all Barca Pisjuan.

They still needed a second goal to establish control, and with 10 minutes left in the half, they got in in impressive fashion: Jules Kounde played a fine ball to find Leigh. Lewandowski, who knocked the ball down and scored a nice volley. 2-0 away.

Sevilla looked disoriented after the second goal, unable to stay organized and gave Barca two huge chances to end the game in the closing seconds. But Kunde’s header from the 6-yard box went wide, and Dembele couldn’t easily complete the header in the final game of the half, and by the end of the half, Barca were completely in control. But that still gave Sevilla at least a chance to take the lead. Some hope of coming back in the final stages.

second half

Sevilla almost scored less than a minute into the second half, but Eric Garcia made a save from Eric Lamela’s shot inside the box and it felt like the hosts would be with them early in the game Fight the same battle.

Barca needed a third goal to really end the game, and in the 50th minute, Dembele crossed the box and Kunde headed to Eric Garcia’s path. The Spaniard made it 3-0 and was objectively kill. To leave a race.

Sevilla were visibly shaken by Eric’s goal as the victory loomed, and Barca were all but good in the rest of the game, each time the home side pushed forward and kept an empty space in the back Scored fourth on the counter.

But without scoring another goal, the final whistle sounded, and Barcelona scored all three points for the third consecutive game. Barca could certainly have played better in the opening 20 minutes, but Sevilla’s quick start was to be expected, the Catalans soaked up the early pressure well, conceded no goals, and then followed suit. The game showed their strengths. They were unlikely to do that last season, which shows the progress of the team and the coach.

The league’s unbeaten start continues and things are looking good.

Seville: Bono; Montier (Suso 64′), Fernando, Nianzuo, Acuna; Jordan (Delaney 46′), Goodley (Carmona 46′), Rakitic; Isco (Gomez 70′); Lamela, Ennesiri (Dorberg 56′)

Target: not any

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Kunde, Araujo, Eric (Roberto 55′), Balder (Alba 64′); Garvey, Busquets, Pedri (De Jong 63′); Rafinha, Lewandowski (Fati 75′), Dembele (Phelan 63′)

Target: Rafinha (21′), Lewandowski (36′), Eric (50′)

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