Six pass catchers to consider fading in drafts

Maybe Kelce is more of an overrated fantasy player than harshly dubbed a “bust,” but he’ll be turning 33 soon, and Clearly in a career decline – Also selected as a top 20 pick. Over the past three seasons, Kelche has reduced yards per route by nearly 20 percent Terrek Mountain off the fieldKansas City added Juju Smith-Schuster Play slot machines in the offseason.

Kelche’s pick is higher than Mark Andrewswho is six years younger than him, lost his way marquise brown As a game, last season saw 15 end zone goals compared to just four for Kelce. Make it meaningful!

Sutton’s ADP looks like One of the most shocking in recent memory Tim Patrick Out for the season, but now he’s just often overrated.Although this is certainly a driving force Russell Wilson As his quarterback, Sutton’s ADP sees him as a top-20 WR, which is very aggressive. Sutton’s goal-per-route rate dropped by 38%, Last season his yards per route on the field dropped from 2.10 to 0.48(!).

In other words, even though Jeudy suffered a severe high ankle sprain during the game, 83% of Sutton’s fantasy points come from and his teammates leave Stadium last season. While there was indeed some Wilson/Sutton buzz this summer, there is a real argument This Wrong Denver catcher picked first in fantasy league.

Allen has a safe floor and a star quarterback throwing at him, but it’s a 30-year-old who has declined in yards per route run every season since 2017, up from last year’s 90. Only 30th among qualified WRs.Most importantly, Alan Goal and fantasy production plummets once Joshua Palmer Taking over for WR3 in Los Angeles in the final five weeks of last season.

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In other words, Allen sees When Palmer is on the floor, his target rate per lane has dropped from 27% to 20%and sophomores Data will do more in 2022.

San Francisco 49ers: Debbie Samuel

Although Samuel was selected as a top-eight fantasy catcher on the fringe Not in the top 50 in route runs or in the top 25 in goals last season. His role in the passing game remains a question mark this year, as San Francisco turns Trellancewho specializes in Brandon Ayuk Samuel spent most of the summer trying to get a new contract.San Francisco’s new starting QB is about to start full attack different field level Compare Jimmy Garoppolo.

San Francisco 49ers' No. 19 Deebo Samuel is a 2021 fantasy star

Trey Lance may not help Deebo Samuel’s fantasy prospects as some might think. (Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

Samuel is a dynamo after catch He will be used all over the court, but last season was the first time he didn’t miss a game. It also marked the first time he saw more than 81 goals.Samuel rushed over for some reason 8 out of 59 attempts onlywhile the 49ers’ RB room is healthier and deeper going into 2022.

Samuel simply won’t see nearly the same number of other receivers around him, making him an extremely risky second-round fantasy pick.

Seattle Seahawks: DK Metcalfe

Metcalfe selected as top 20 fantasy catcher despite Seattle loss Russell Wilson in the offseason. Jayne Smith has been named QB1, (and Alternatives are hardly better), while Metcalfe has seen His air yards per game are cut in half and his share of goals drops teammate below Taylor Lockett Smith plays quarterback.

Metcalfe has enough talent to overcome his sudden faltering (Seattle also Fewest games played in the NFL last season), but realizes he has benefited greatly from a Hall of Fame quarterback who targets him in the end zone more often than any other WR in the league.

We haven’t even started using Metcalf “Nutrition” However.

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Washington Commander: Terry McLaughlin

The dreaded Terry is one of the best wide receivers in football, but he’s been drafted too high in fantasy, as if he’s no longer burdened by bad quarterbacks. Carson Wentz Was one of the most inaccurate QBs in the league last season Will now play outdoors and relegated on the offensive line. Moreover, the rookie WR Jahan Dotson Reportedly showing more chemistry with Wentzso it’s hard for me to rank McLaurin, who went 23-318-0 as a top-15 WR in his final seven games last season, just like his ADP.

Imagine Before Drafting McLaughlin Alan Robinson This year.

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