Smokies Stay Alive, Perlaza’s Game-Winning Catch, Canario Does It Again, New Catcher Signing, Sleeper Starting Prospect, More

The Tennessee Fog won a playoff series last night. If they beat the Rocket City Garbage Pandas again tonight, they’ll be in the Southern League Championship Series. The game starts at 6:35pm CST and the start is still an official TBA.

  • A few key highlights from the win, including Chase Strumpf’s decisive 3-run homer, Cole Roederer’s pitch to save a run, and Yonathan Perlaza’s incredible catch to seal the victory:
  • What a trap. By the way, that was relieved prospect Zac Leigh got the save, Ben Brown was the starter of the game (3.2 IP, 2 ER, 3 H, 3 BB) and Baily Horn (2.1 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 2 BB, 5 K) and Blake Whitney (2.0 IP, 0 R, 0 H, 0 BB, 3 K) act as a clean bridge to Leigh.
  • Elsewhere, there was another moment in the Sosa-McGwire home run between Matt Mervis and Alexander Canario in Iowa, where Canario hit his 35th the night after Mervis hit:
  • The 22-year-old Canario is now hitting .244/.407/.533/149 wRC+ slashes at Triple-A in Iowa. The sample is small (60 PAs vs. 100 PAs), but Canario now basically has the numbers he had in High-A when the organization decided, Okay, obviously this guy is unchallenged, we need to bump him. Just to get an idea of ​​how hot Canario has been the past 10 days since his ankle injury.
  • Oh, and Canario also had 22 stolen bases this year. Just thought it was worth noting.
  • Last year, the Cubs tried to sign wide receiver David Avitia as an undrafted free agent, the same year they signed his brother Daniel in the 19th round, a pitcher committed to the same school (he not signed). Unfortunately, the injury stopped it before it happened, so it’s good to see the Cubs still signing David Avitia after he’s recovered:
  • For the record, the injury was elbow-related and required surgery, so it was probably Tommy John’s surgery, although it wasn’t specified. Avitia worked as a student assistant at Grand Canyon last year (probably happy to still be with his brother).
  • Interesting look at the possible deep sleep breakout starting pitchers next season:
  • Given his experience in the SEC, the pitcher in the picture, rightly Connor Noland, seems like a well thought out breakout option (we’re talking surprising types, mind you). Round 9 results are solid, and he’s the older and more experienced type, and the Cubs seem to be aggressively pushing up the ladder when it makes sense. From Northside Bound: “2022 rookie Connor Noland will likely start at South Bend, but Myrtle Beach is likely an option due to the aforementioned stalemate. He’s a guy who could finish the season in Tennessee. He has SEC experience, a starting vibe on Friday night, and some pretty decent control. If the Cubs improve his fastball by a few miles per hour in the winter, he could be our “sleeper” in the clubhouse “.”
  • From Baseball America qualifiers about Nolan, you get the sense that if something ‘something’ develops, he might catch on, and the Cubs do have a recent track record of success: “Listed as a senior pitcher, Noland just finished his 470 in BA’s top 500: “After not playing a major role at the club in 2021, Noland stepped up to fill the huge void created by Arkansas’ expected ace Peyton Palette’s elbow blast. Noland rarely plays well, but as Arkansas’ Friday starter, he’s been solid. He went 8-6 and 3.65 in 116 innings and 19 starts. Nolan’s 89-91 mph fastball is below average in pro ball, but it does effectively set up his average mid-80s slider and above-average mid-80s curveball. His control is above average. Nolan, a fourth-year junior, may opt to return to Arkansas to play another season if his late-round draft form doesn’t appeal to him. “

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